The credit limit of your RBL credit card will be mentioned when you receive the card. You can also find it on your monthly statement. However if you wish to increase the credit card limit, you can visit the bank’s branch and request the credit card limit to be increased. This request needs to be supported by certain financial documents such as IT returns, bank statements, salary slip, etc. 

Credit card limits can also be increased by visiting the bank’s official website and filling up the credit card limit enhancement form. You can find this form under the menu>>personal banking>>credit cards>>card setting.

Although the ways to increase the credit limit seem simple there are certain factors that determine whether your request for the credit limit increase is sanctioned or not.  Those factors are:

Credit score: A good credit score improves your chances to avail many benefits. One among them is enjoying higher credit limits on your credit card. 

Income: The income of the borrower plays a substantial role in determining the credit card limit. A good income serves as a guarantee for debt repayment, hence lenders are likely to offer higher credit limits. However, remember that despite having a high income your request for credit limit extension may not be approved if you have a high debt-to-income ratio. 

Depending on these factors and your overall financial status, your request for credit limit increase may or may not be approved. The final choice is at the sole discretion of the bank.