Depending on the bank or lender, a business loan can be sought with or without security. Whether you require a business loan for an existing business or to start a new one, many banks and lending institutions in India offer business loans for small and large-scale businesses. However, the approval depends on whether the business and owners meet all the eligibility criteria set by the bank or lender. 

Here is how you can improve your business loan eligibility:

  1. Have a Plan – Banks prefer to lend to borrowers who have a clear plan of how the loan amount will be utilised. This is why it is important to have a business plan or an in-depth explanation of how the money will be utilised throughout the loan tenure. Banks like to know how exactly the business will use the money and prefer applicants who are clear about the same. The business plan should also include basic financials which can help in convincing the bank about the loan requirement.
  2. Know About the Documentation in Advance - Every lender is different and has a different application process for lending money. Some banks may require a lot of information about the business before granting a business loan while others may only have a minimal amount of documentation requirement. Always ensure to know about the process and requirements well in advance so that you can improve your loan eligibility and get the loan easily.
  3. Work on Having a Good Credit Score - Most banks and lending institutions will evaluate your credit score before sanctioning a business loan. If your credit score is not within the acceptable range, there are chances that your loan application will be rejected. This is why it is important to get your credit score checked before making an application. Also, begin working on a good credit score if it’s not as per the lender’s expectations. This can help in improving business loan eligibility. 

Many actions and steps go towards improving business loan eligibility. Since it cannot be improved overnight, you must start working on it well in advance of making a business loan application.