IDBI bank allows easy home loan EMI payment options to its customers. Customers can make IDBI home loan EMI payments easily online through the bank’s website or by using the Standing Instructions facility. 

Here are the different home loan repayment methods for IDBI home loans:

  1. Step up repayment - This is ideal for young working borrowers who are professionally qualified and can achieve future career growth to further their annual income. In this method of repayment, the EMI is lower during the initial stages and increases later in the loan tenure. 
  2. Step down repayment facility - In this repayment method, one can choose to reduce their EMIs repayment to decrease after a certain period in the loan tenure. The main objective of this option is to make the maximum repayment when a borrower’s income is high. This may lead to different EMIs for different periods during the loan tenure. In this repayment mode, the IDBI home loan EMI is generally higher in the initial period and low in the latter part of the loan tenure.
  3. Tranche based EMIs – Here, the borrower can purchase an under-construction property and seek the loan in phases. Thus, in the initial loan phase, he/she has to pay only the interest amount till the final loan amount is not disbursed. This repayment facility allows borrowers to reduce the loan amount and EMIs burden by making payments in tranches.