The maximum home loan amount offered by Edelweiss Housing Finance Limited is Rs. 2 crores. However, note that not all applicants are eligible for the maximum loan amount. 

Edelweiss Home Loan Amount Eligibility 

The home loan eligibility is determined by several factors like:

  • Income of the applicant 
  • Age of the applicant 
  • Professional qualifications of the applicant
  • Number of dependants 
  • Spouse's employment and income 
  • Other liabilities (ongoing debts) 
  • Other assets (rental income, properties owned, etc.) 
  • Stability and continuity of occupation 
  • Savings history 

Note that the loan amount you will be provided is at the sole discretion of EHFL after considering all the above factors and the value of the property chosen by you. 

Tips to Increase Quantum of Loan at EHFL 

Here are a few tips to increase the eligible loan amount:

  • Include a co-applicant in the loan application to boost income levels 
  • Show proof of income from other sources like business, rental income, etc. 

Use the home loan EMI calculator to find the maximum home loan amount you can afford.