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Sundaram Finance was established in 1954 and is headquartered in Chennai. The company is a leading NFC that provides financial and investment services to its customers. Sundaram Finance offers various financial products which include fixed deposits, consumer loans, private equity, mutual fund, wealth management, loans etc.  The company has adopted digital banking technologies to make its products/services easily available to its vast customer base.

High NAV Guaranteed Plans are products that investors see as a safe investment equity product. These funds help investors to get the highest returns from the stock market in the long run. These schemes are structured in such a manner that the collected funds can be invested either in equities or in debt instruments. As per the stock market conditions, the funds will be shifted into debt or equity portfolios.

Starting to save for the long haul is important. It’s better if you start planning for your future financial needs as early as possible. If you start early, you will be able to save more and create a good corpus amount that you need for your retirement. Financial planning should be kept separate from short term and medium-term goals, such as buying property or for the education of your children. You have to estimate how much you would need for your retirement and separate your savings from short term and medium term spends. 

Diversification is done to reduce the risk. There are different ways in which an investment portfolio can be diversified. It can be diversified through asset allocation, by determining investor’s risk appetite, by diversifying within an asset class and investing through equity mutual funds. These equity mutual funds will be managed by fund managers or investment experts, who ensure that your funds are diversified across several sectors that will provide the maximum returns. If you buy an equity mutual fund, you get the benefit of owning a diversified equity portfolio that will also be managed by a fund manager.

Diversified equity funds invest in companies regardless of their size, sector and whether they are large caps, mid caps or small caps. These are pooled investments that build portfolios across several asset classes, regions and/or industry sectors. This becomes an investment strategy for reducing risk in a portfolio while maintaining levels of expected return. According to the fund manager’s perception of the market conditions, the investments can be made. An investor who is ready to take risks and planning to make a long term investment can go for equity funds. As these funds invest in companies across a particular sector or industry, they can choose to invest in engineering industries, automobile industries, financial services, etc.

If you are an investor with an appetite for risk and long-term goals like saving for retirement, a child’s education or marriage, equity plus funds can be useful either on a standalone basis or in combination with other investment options. Equity Plus Funds are launched by unit-linked insurance plans, mutual funds, and other investment categories. It generates a return higher than the 10-year government bond by taking on limited risk through equities.

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