Credit cardholders at HDFC Bank have the option of paying only the minimum amount due as indicated on their statement. The outstanding balance will be carried forward to the subsequent statements. Cardholders can also pay the whole amount owed or pay more than the minimum amount owed. Any such payment must be made prior to the payment due date.

The unpaid minimum amount due of the previous statements will be added to the cardholder’s current minimum amount due including the outstanding exceeding the cardholders credit limit. The minimum amount due to be paid is generally 5% of the total amount due.

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Is it smart to pay just the minimum amount due on my HDFC Bank Credit Card? 

Paying only minimum dues can become a big disadvantage:

1. The interest burden on the unpaid amount keeps on increasing

2. It could make your credit history look bad and thus your credit score will plummet

3. In addition to your dues you would have to pay the late payment charges if you somehow fail to pay your minimum dues regularly

4. You will not be able to enjoy interest-free credit periods

Smart Credit Card Usage Tips: 

When it comes to credit cards, very often people get reckless with their spending habits since they believe they can pay off all their debts later and may postpone doing so. However, the longer you delay paying your dues, the greater the weight in the form of interest will be placed on you. To minimize problems, it's good to pay your minimum dues. However, it is best to pay off your credit card bill in full to avoid incurring credit card debt.