Most of the credit cards have ‘Fuel surcharge waiver’ as one of the benefits. To understand the benefit, you must first know what surcharge is. It is nothing, but the transaction charge levied for using the credit card for fuel transaction. For example, if you have made a fuel purchase for Rs. 1000, you will end up paying about Rs. 28 additionally, out of which Rs. 25 is a surcharge and the rest are for the service tax. 

Following are some of the fuel credit cards of some of the major banks in India.

 Bank Name

 Credit Card offered

 Fuel Surcharge Waiver


 ICICI Bank HPCL Credit Card

 2.5% up to Rs 4000 at HPCL   petrol pumps


 BPCL SBI Credit card

 4.25% value back on fuel   purchases at authorized BPCL   petrol pumps

 HDFC Bank

 HDFC AllMiles Credit Card

 1% fuel surcharge waiver up to   Rs 500 on all fuel transactions

 Standard Chartered Bank

 Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card

 5% cashback on fuel at all     petrol pumps in India

Important Points 

  •      Generally, the waiver ranges between 1% to 3% of the transaction amount
  •      The transaction should be minimum of from Rs. 400 to Rs. 4000
  •      You won’t get surcharge waiver more than the amount specified by the bank. 
  •      Fuel surcharge waiver does not mean that you pay less on your fuel purchase. It is the reduced amount of the transaction fee for using the credit card.