Any score above 750 is considered good. 

A 778 score means that you are creditworthy and can be trusted to repay the loan on time. This is a great quality for a borrower. Lenders will be willing to approve your loan application immediately. 

You will also get some of the best offers and benefits along with your credit card or loans. 

A 778 credit score is very good, but you can achieve more. You can get your credit score up to 800 or more if you want the best loans or credit cards in the market. 

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How can I improve my credit score to reach 800?

You can easily reach an 800 credit score by managing your credit prudently. You don’t need to be ultra-rich to reach this score. Here are some simple tips if you want to cross the 800-mark on your credit score: 

  • Make bill payments on time every time 
  • Keep your credit utilization ratio very low (less than 30% of your total credit limit)
  • Don’t go for too many credit applications at the same time
  • Check your credit report regularly and be swift in getting errors rectified
  • Don’t close old credit cards. Maintain them with minimum transactions to utilize the credit limit


A 778 credit score is pretty good. It takes a few years to achieve this score. However, you have to monitor your credit health and strive to achieve a higher score if you want the best terms for your loans and credit cards.