Foreign vacations and domestic travels have become quite a popular hobby for many Indians. There is an increased awareness about travel insurance due to this. Here are some popular credit cards that give free travel insurance benefits: 

  1. HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card
  2. Standard Chartered Priority Visa Infinite Credit Card
  3. YES First Preferred Credit Card
  4. ICICI Travel Card
  5. Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card

What is covered under travel insurance offered through your credit card?

Loss of Passport, Baggage, or Documents: Travel insurance will compensate you for costs incurred if your passport, luggage, or other travel documents are lost. They will also cover the expense of replacing or obtaining a new passport for you.

Flight Cancellation or Delay: In the event of a flight cancellation or delay, your travel insurance will reimburse you up to a certain amount. In such situations, certain credit cards will also cover hotel and food expenses.

Health Problems: In case of unexpected medical emergencies, you may end up with a huge bill in a foreign land. In such scenarios, your credit card travel insurance can be really beneficial and cover such costs or part of it. 

Emergency Medical Evacuation: If your health condition worsens and you require medical evacuation by ambulance, the cost of transportation may be covered by the travel insurance provided by credit cards.


Most credit cards offer free travel insurance these days. However, you need to compare the benefits offered by these cards before choosing the right one. Get the card that gives you maximum benefits because the cost of things in a foreign land is quite expensive.