The EMI for a home loan is not the same for all. It depends on three key factors:

  • The home loan amount - this is the loan amount that you have taken from the bank. 
  • The loan tenure – this is the agreed repayment period. 
  • The interest rate – this is the interest rate offered to you by the bank. 

Sample EMI Calculation

Let’s say, you want a home loan for Rs. 20 lakhs. The offered interest rate is 7.35% (the lowest rate of interest at KBV for home loans) and preferred tenure is 10 years. When you enter these details in the EMI calculator, it gives you the following results:


Rs. 23,584

Total Interest Paid over Loan Term

Rs. 8,30,084

Total Payments 

Rs. 28,30,080 

Use the KVB EMI Calculator to Find out the EMI 

Karur Vysya Bank makes it easy to calculate your home loan EMI by using the online EMI calculator. This calculator is available on the KVB website and is free to use. We highly recommend that you use the calculator before taking a home loan so that you can fix the EMI that’s best suitable for you. 

You have to enter three parameters in the EMI calculator:

  1. The loan amount you’re looking for
  2. The interest rate offered by the bank and 
  3. Tenure of home loan

Where is the KVB EMI Calculator? 

Visit the official website of Karur Vysya Bank, scroll to the bottom of the page and look for Calculators under the “Others” section. On the calculators' page, you can find both the EMI calculator and the Reverse EMI calculator. 

What is the difference between EMI Calculator and Reverse EMI Calculator? 

  • The EMI calculator helps you find the home loan EMI for a specific loan amount – say Rs. 20 lakhs. 
  • On the other hand, the reverse EMI calculator helps you find the loan amount you’re eligible for when you enter a specific EMI, say Rs. 20,000 per month. Use the reverse EMI calculator when you know that you can afford only a specific EMI per month and want to find the eligible loan amount for it. 

Using the EMI calculator is quite easy and helps you fix the terms of your home loan so that it fits your budget. 

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