IndusInd Bank personal loans are offered for a repayment tenure over a period of up to 60 months.

The minimum period of employment is 12 months. The majority of personal loans in India are granted for a period of 60 months. There are relatively few banks that will extend a loan for up to 84 months if the loan amount is substantial.

IndusInd Bank Personal Loan Snapshot

Loan Amount

Rs.50,000 – Rs.15 lakhs

Average Annual Interest Rate

10.49% - 31.50% 

Processing Charges

2.5% of loan amount

Loan Processing Time

2 business days

Repayment Tenure

12 months – 60 months

Collateral or Security


Credit Score Requirement

Minimum 750 credit score


What Are The Repayment Options Available To Repay IndusInd Bank Personal Loan?

You can repay your IndusInd Bank personal loan in one of the following ways.

SI (Standing Instructions): If you already have an account with IndusInd Bank, Standing Instruction is the best method of repayment. At the end of the monthly cycle, your EMI will be deducted automatically from the IndusInd Bank account you specify.

ECS (Electronic Clearing Service): Use this method if you have a non-IndusInd Bank account and want your EMIs to be automatically debited from it at the end of the monthly cycle.

An ECS or standing instruction will ensure that the EMI payment is automatically withdrawn from your account and paid on time. This prevents any late payment or interest charges from accruing.

Before applying for an IndusInd Bank personal loan, check your Personal Loan Eligibility. If you have a low credit score, try a few simple steps to improve your credit score before applying for a personal loan. This guarantees that your personal loan application will not be rejected.