Finance majors acquire analytical skills so that they can assess business problems and can evaluate financial implications for any organization. They also learn to deal with spreadsheets and other software used to process financial data. People with such skills looking for a job in a finance field have a lot of options to consider:

  • Financial analysts help in corporate restructuring and expanding. They research stocks, bonds and industries to help bankers, investors and finance officers with mergers, acquisitions and stock/bond offerings. Financial analysts also build financial models and produce reports on their analyses to other members of their team.
  • Financial planners advise clients on how to manage their finances. They would have to deal with numbers and apply principles of accounting in order to create plans for investors. 
  • Budget analysts analyze budgets of organizations and help in evaluating the financial impacts of continuing ventures. They interview managers to gather information for proposals.
  • Accountants present financial information for their clients or organization and have a detailed look at the company's books. They record and maintain the company's financial records.

There are many other job opportunities that are open for finance graduates to pursue.