Calculating HDFC loan EMI before taking a loan helps you to know the approximate EMI amount you need to pay every month so that you can plan your finances accordingly. You can use the Creditmantri personal loan EMI calculator to know your EMI amount before applying for HDFC Personal Loan.

Once you've decided to take out a personal loan for an emergency or a short-term requirement, you'll want to figure out how much the monthly EMI would be. Checking your EMI monthly outgo is vital because it will assist you decide on your loan amount and plan your monthly budget.

Keeping this in mind, Creditmantri has created a personal loan EMI calculator that calculates your EMI in under a minute.

How to use the Personal Loan EMI Calculator?

Using the Personal Loan EMI Calculator is very simple. You just need these 3 details: 

  1. The loan amount
  2. The repayment tenure, and  
  3. The interest rate charged

Once you enter all these 3 information, the calculator will show you the EMI amount to be paid every month. Please note that this is only an approximate figure as the final EMI amount will include taxes and other charges relating to the loan. 

What are the benefits of using a Personal Loan EMI Calculator?

Using a personal loan EMI calculator is quick, simple and free. An EMI calculator accurately estimates the cost of your loan. It gives you the total interest payment and the overall total repayment amount you will be paying. This enables quick comparative pricing to help you with your decision to go for the loan or not.