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A good credit score can prove very helpful especially while applying for a higher credit limit or while borrowing a fresh loan. A high credit score can mean easy access to additional credit and quick loan processing. Today all banks first verify the CIBIL™ score of applicants of all form of credit, such as personal loans, credit cards etc. CIBIL™ is a leading credit rating agency in India. Banks and other lenders often use the CIBIL ™ credit score to check the credit-worthiness of borrowers. A credit score of 700+ is considered good.

If an individual has a low CIBIL™ score, there are many ways in which he/she can work towards improving it.

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How to improve the CIBIL™ score quickly?

An individual can build his/her credit score by using some of the below-mentioned tips. However, these have to be regularly practised to maintain a high score consistently.

Timely Repayments

Loan borrowers and credit card users must ensure to set reminders for timely repayments. This will help in staying disciplined with credit. Settlement of outstanding debt can significantly impact an individual’s credit score. Delays in EMI payments or credit card bill payments can result in penalty and also lower the credit score. Thus, individuals who are looking to improve their CIBIL™ score must pay their dues on time and fetch up a good score. It makes sense to use services like automated bill payments so that the bill payment deadline is never missed.

Judicious Use of Credit 

Use credit appropriately. It is advisable to avoid taking a lot of debt at the same time. The number of loans applied for, during a given period should be restricted to a minimum. To ensure a good credit score, it is important to first repay the existing loan and then take a fresh credit or loan. Opting for multiple loans at the same time is an indication that the borrower is unable to use credit judiciously and is always in a situation of insufficient funds. Thus, the credit score can reduce further.

Aim for A Healthy Credit Mix

A right combination of secured loans and unsecured loans with a mix of long and short tenure can help in building a good credit score. Too many unsecured loans are often looked at negatively by lenders.

Borrow New Credit Within Limits

No borrower should indicate to the lenders that he/she often requires credit. It makes sense to apply for new credit only when needed and if the borrower can repay it as per the scheduled timelines. Borrowing too much can also affect credit score.

Regularly Monitor Joint Accounts

In the case of co-signed or joint borrowings, both borrowers are held equally liable for all repayments. One joint holder’s negligence can affect both the borrower’s ability to access fresh credit when needed. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly monitor loan accounts in case of joint borrowings.

Frequently Review Credit History

Monitoring CIBIL™ score regularly and can help in identifying any inconsistencies.  Sometimes there could be errors in the CIBIL™ score or report and it may also require updating. If a loan that has already been repaid is not yet updated on the credit report, it can hurt the individual’s credit history. Hence, such errors should be immediately reported to the agency for remediation and improvement of credit score.

Build up a good history gradually

Debt is essential for many individuals. But taking the right kind of debt, using it prudently and repaying it on time is essential in building a good credit history.

If required, one can choose a longer loan tenure to ensure that the EMIs are low and get paid in time. Another easy way to ensure a good credit history is to increase the credit limit. The idea is to have more credit to maintain a lower credit utilisation ratio.

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Improving CIBIL™ score may take time but it is not difficult if one follows the right steps and ensures good credit behaviour. This can open up doors to better credit terms and additional financial assistance in the future.

Improve My CIBIL™ Score Quickly FAQs

1. How can I increase my CIBIL™ score quickly?

Some of the ways in which you can improve your CIBIL™ score quickly are:

  • Repay existing debt
  • Timely loan repayments
  • The lower credit utilisation ratio
  • A regular check of credit report
  • Borrow only when needed

2. How can I raise my credit score in 30 days?

It is possible to raise credit score in a limited time if you go through your credit report and find errors that can be remediated by the credit agency. Also, in case you have outstanding debt, repaying the same can help in increasing your credit score.

3. How much time will it take to increase the CIBIL™ score?

Credit score usually takes 4-12 months to improve depending on the specific case. A credit score above 750 is considered ideal. If your credit score is lower than 600, it may take a longer time to improve the same, depending on your credit behaviour.

4. How can I increase my CIBIL™ score from 500 to 750?

Increasing a CIBIL™ score from 500 to 750 may take time, but it is not impossible. It can be done through consistently good credit behaviour, debt repayment, timely credit card bill payments, checking errors in the credit report, etc.

5. How can I get a credit score of 750?

Yes, it is possible to get a good credit score by ensuring consistency in credit usage. Judicious usage of credit and timely repayments can help in building a good score over time.

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