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The credit score is the most important factor that is used while reviewing any application for loans or credit cards. The credit score of any person is used as the basis to ascertain if the person is a high-risk or low-risk candidate for a loan or credit card application.

Banks and other financial institutions ask for the credit score of the person from the authorized credit bureaus. Based on the credit score supplied by the bureaus, the lender takes a decision on whether to sanction the credit application or not. In India, credit scores are provided by the four major credit agencies like Equifax, CIBIL™, Experian and CRIF High Mark.

The credit bureaus maintain the credit history of all individuals and companies. These records can be accessed by potential lenders by making an official request for the same.

The records of each person in the CIBIL™ database is saved against a specific number that is unique to every person. When lenders make the request for the credit report of any person, the same is issued using this number. This unique number is known as the control number.

Given below are the details of the control number of CIBIL™.

What is Control Number?

Control number or the Enquiry Control Number (ECN) is the unique nine-digit number against which the credit reports of any person in the CIBIL™ database are saved. This number as mentioned above is specific for every individual in the CIBIL™ database and cannot be common for two or more persons. It is available on the top right corner of the credit report generated for every person.

Lenders can get the credit reports of any person through this control number. Control number can also be used by any person to access his/her own credit report or report any issue in the credit report like any small or major errors.

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How to get the control number?

A control number is a confidential number under which the credit reports and the credit history of any person are maintained by CIBIL™. This number is therefore not easily accessible by any person. However, as per the Credit Information Companies Regulation Act, 2005 or CIRCA, a person has the right to know his/her credit report and the Enquiry Control Number. There are a few ways that a person can get access to their Enquiry Control Number (ECN) and the credit report for any period.

Given below are the details for the same.

  • A person can make a request to the lender for information about his/her control number.
  • Another way to access the control number is by requesting the credit report from the lender. The control number is available on the top right corner of this report.
  • Control number can also be accessed through the CIBIL™ database by making a request for the same through any of the following modes
    • Helpline number – 1800224 245
    • Put in a written request by visiting their website at www[dot]cibil[dot]com
  • Get the free credit report of a periodic credit report by subscribing for the same.

control number FAQs

1. How many digits are there in the control number?

A. The control number is made of 9 digits.

2. How can I get my CIBIL™ control number?

A. A person can get the control number through a request made to the lender or by contacting CIBIL™ through their website or helpline number.

3. What is the control number in a CIBIL™ dispute?

A. The control number is the unique number allotted to a person and is used to identify such person or the credit report for which the dispute is raised.

4. How can I solve a CIBIL™ problem?

A. The process of resolving a dispute regarding any issue on the credit report is initiated after an online resolution form is filled band submitted by a person. The process for resolving the dispute is mentioned below.

  • The dispute is raised by a person regarding his/her credit report.
  • CIBIL™ makes the disputed sections ‘Under Dispute’ on the credit report.
  • CIBIL™ will contact the lenders to investigate the disputed matter.
  • If the lenders confirm the error, the same is rectified on the credit report
  • Notification will be sent to the person regarding the same.
  • If the lender rejects the dispute, the credit report is not altered.
  • The notification for the same is sent to the person.
  • After resolving the dispute in either of the ways mentioned above, the ‘Under Dispute’ tag on the credit report is removed.

5. What is CIBIL™ code?

A. CIBIL™ code is the three-digit credit score of a person ranging from 300 to 900. It is based on the credit history or the payment history of a person acquired through all the loans and the credit cards of a person over a period of time. It does not have any information about the savings or various investments of the individual. A credit score over 750 is considered to be good and can get the person access to loans and credit cards easily and at relatively cheaper interest rates.

6. Can the control number of 2 persons be the same?

A. No the control number is a unique number issued to every person having a database with CIBIL™. It is used to identify a person and hence cannot be the same for any two persons.

7. Can a person get the control number through the website of CIBIL™?

A. Yes. A person can make a written request on the website of CIBIL™ (www[dot]cibil[dot]com) to get information on the control number or the credit report of such person.

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