How can CreditMantri help you ?

CreditMantri is a provider of comprehensive Credit Analysis and Credit Improvement programmes.

It was set up with the primary focus to educate consumers about their individual credit history and to leverage the same to eventually improve or enhance their chances to becoming loan or credit card eligible. At CreditMantri, we are focused on ensuring every user gets to understand their credit history better and takes meaningful actions to enhance their loan eligibility.

Our primary intent is to evaluate your current financial health, provide you with a detailed plan on how to improve your credit score and make you "loan worthy" within a reasonable period of time. In this connection we offer the below mentioned services that will help you achieve financial freedom.

Credit Health Analysis: This is the first step in evaluating your current financial or credit health. CreditMantri will obtain your credit score and your CIBIL report, which will provide information about all your past borrowings and their current status as reported by your lenders. These form the basis for all further decisions and actions. Our proprietary Credit report analysis tool built to detect most issues is used to prepare your Personalised Credit Report. We list reasons for a less than ideal credit score and also provide specific action items that you need to undertake to improve your credit score.

Credit Score Improvement: CreditMantri mediates on your behalf with your creditors and CIBIL to correct errors in your credit report, negotiates with your lenders to change the status of your reported loans and may even attempt to lower your interest rate, eliminate fees and thereby make the EMI more affordable. Our primary intent is to improve your credit score over time. We will remain with you through the improvement process and relieve you of administrative and follow up tasks.

Credit Restructuring: CreditMantri may be able to arrange for a loan, where the loan proceeds, along with a minimum customer contribution, are used to pay-off the outstanding on a previously delinquent loan. Prompt repayment on the new loan will help re-build your credit score. This new loan is made available subject to the new lenders lending norms.

CreditMantri has been established by a group of experienced ex-bankers with experience in managing credit, collections and debt management operations both in India and overseas.

The team has a strong understanding of the domain and a variety of solutions and options available which will address the needs of end consumers and lending institutions. This enables the CreditMantri team to deliver relevant product and services to help consumers address their credit or borrowing challenges. The team at CreditMantri is very conscious about the need to build this nascent ecosystem with the right enablers in order to address the priorities of both borrowers and lenders. 

We are a professionally managed organisation embracing highest standards of professionalism, ethics and customer confidentiality.

  • Ranjit Punja
    Ranjit Punja -Linkedin
    (CEO & Co-founder)

    A 23 year veteran with Citibank, who had oversight of the Collections function for all international consumer lending businesses in 53 countries and had previously managed the Collections operation for the U.S. credit card business.

    Ranjit oversees Credit, Key Relationships and Corporate Strategy

  • R Sudarshan
    R Sudarshan- Linkedin
    (COO & Co-founder)

    Has 20 years of experience with Citibank, in Banking Operations, Technology and Outsourcing. Prior to the current initiative, he was the CFO of TCS eServe Limited, India's largest BFSI BPO.

    As part of eServe founding group, Sudarshan managed domestic and international operations and in his last stint was responsible for collections and risk management operations.

  • Gowri Mukherjee
    Gowri Mukherjee- Linkedin
    (CMO & Co-founder)

    Has 17 years of experience in Banking (Citibank, Standard Chartered and HSBC) of which 14 years have been in the Digital space. Digital experience covers new product development, marketing, eCommerce and mobile payments.

    Last stint was as Global Head Digital Marketing at Standard Chartered Bank.

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    Thank You For Your Support

    I am very glad to tell you that my CITI Bank Credit card problem is solved and I am very thankful to you because it got resolved only because of your help. CITI Bank has confirmed that there is no due amount to be paid from my part. Thank you very much for your support and the care you took for my issue. Special thanks to Gokul for taking care of my issue. Read More

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