Who doesn’t want to be the owner of a brand-new iPhone? With the benefits it has on offer, it can be a hard phone to resist. But is the price tag of an iPhone turning you down? Well, now there is no need to wait to buy your favorite iPhone, with an easy consumer durable loan from Bajaj Finance. You don’t need a credit card; you don’t even need to wait for months saving every bit of penny you have got.

Getting a credit card might be difficult—you need to satisfy the requisite salary criteria, and have a prior credit history which might not be possible especially if you are a young student or a working professional who has just started out in his career. Credit card issuers have stringent policies when it comes to issuing a credit card.

With no credit card options—and no little savings in the bank—lending agencies like Bajaj Finance are a boon. Bajaj Finance has various options that will allow you to buy your desired iPhone in easy EMIs— without a credit card.  

Consumer durable loan from Bajaj FinservYour path to credit for an iPhone

All you need to do is buy your desired iPhone from a Bajaj Finserv partner durable store. You can approach the in-store representative for help with your loan application process. Presently, there are more than 7000  stores across the country that have partnered with Bajaj Finserv.

The documentation required is minimal. You would be required complete an application form and submit basic documents like ID proof and proof of address, etc. The formalities can be completed in-store while you are purchasing your favorite mobile.

The advantage to getting a durable loan from Bajaj is that there are no foreclosure charges. In case you choose to pay off your loan anytime during your chosen tenure after the first EMI is paid, you can do so without any added foreclosure charges.

You can find the nearest Bajaj Finserv partner store by looking up the section on ‘Find the nearest store’ on the Bajaj Finserve website. Just walk-in to the store, choose your mobile phone, complete the loan formalities and walk out of the store with your brand new mobile phone in hand the very same day.

What’s more, this durable loan from Bajaj Finserv doesn’t require you to have any prior credit history! So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make that much-coveted iPhone purchase! Happy shopping!