At the beginning of every financial year, one of the financial moves taken by employees is to check out their provident fund balance. Every month, both an employee & employer will make a fixed contribution of 12% of the basic salary to the PF account. This PF concept provides retirement benefits to employees as they can withdraw the PF amount anytime at their retirement age to manage post-retirement life. Once you join an organization and start working, your company will generate an EPF account on your behalf. Also, A Universal Account Number is allocated with a member password after establishing your EPF account.  The Employees' Provident Fund Organization manages all the Employee Provident Funds accounts. The EPFO helps employees to check EPF balances in different ways like giving missed calls, SMS, UMANG app, etc. You can check your Employee provident fund balance using the Universal Account Number.

But what if you lost a Universal Account Number? Worry not, currently, you can check your PF balance with or without a UAN number through missed calls, and SMS facilities. However, you must be registered with the UAN portal and maintain your Know-Your-Customer linked with your EPF account.

Read on to follow any of the 5 methods to check provident fund (PF) balance with or without a universal account number. 

Check PF Balance Via Employees' Provident Fund Organization Website:

  • First, log on to the  EPFO website and press the  ‘Member Passbook’ option placed under the section for employees. 
  • Once logging in using your UAN and password, you can see your PF passbook. 
  • The PF passbook will show your break-up of EF contribution along with the opening & closing balance.
  • You can also find the interest earned and any PF transfer amount. 
  • If there is more than one provident fund number linked to your UAN, all of them will be displayed on the screen. 
  • You must press the specific member ID to check the balance of that PF account.

Check PF Balance Via Unified Portal:

  • Another way to check the PF balance is through the Unified Portal. Follow the below steps:
  • For that, first, you must log in to Unified Portal using your UAN and password 
  • Then, open the PF passbook to check your provident fund balance. 
  • Also, You can check your PF contributions for different fiscal years.

Check PF Balance On UMANG App:

The next way to check the Provident fund is to download the Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance app (UMANG) to obtain the EPF information like  PF balance, claim status, Know Your Customer (KYC) status, etc.

Check PF Balance Via SMS:

  • You can use the SMS service to check the EPF balance on mobile. 
  • To check your PF balance, you just need to type 'EPFOHO UAN' and send an SMS to the number  7738299899. 
  • Before sending an SMS to  7738299899, ensure that it is from your registered mobile number. 
  • Post sending an SMS, you will receive the latest PF contribution balance details.

Check PF Balance By Missed Call

To view your balance, use the missed call service offered by the EPFO. You just need to give a Missed call to 011-22901406 using your registered mobile number. Your call will be disconnected after two rings & you will get a message displaying your Provident Fund balance. Also, The missed call service is available for non-smartphone users &  it is a free service. 

What are the Benefits of the EPF Scheme?

As the EPF scheme is one of the largest & biggest saving schemes open for all  Indian employees, it provides lots of benefits to the employee in the long run.

Read on to find the benefits the of PF scheme:

1:Acts as a Long-Term Financial Security:

The EPF fund that is deposited in your account cannot be withdrawn easily and therefore, helps in ensuring savings.

2:Unemployment/Income Loss: 

In case, where the employee loses his/her current job for any reason, these funds may be used to meet expenses.

3:Unanticipated needs: 

The Provident Funds aid the employee to cater to emergencies. They can select to withdraw the Provident fund in the premature stage.


If the employee dies, the accumulated amount with interest is surrendered to the employee’s nominee. In this way, the PF helps the family tackle financial troubles.


Post-resignation, the employee can withdraw 75% of the EPF fund after one month. The remaining 25 percent can be withdrawn after two months of unemployment.


If there are sudden layoffs or retrenchments from the job, you use this money to manage your expenses until you find another appropriate job.

7:Pension Scheme: 

The employer not only contributes to the PF fund but also makes essential contributions to the employee’s pension that will be later used by the employee at the retirement stage. 


Using the  Universal Account Number (UAN), employees can effortlessly access their PF account through the EPF member portal. Employees can transfer their accounts whenever they switch jobs.

FAQs of How to Check Provident Fund Balance With or Without a UAN?

1:Is it Possible To Withdraw My Entire PF Balance At One Time?

Yes, it is possible to withdraw your PF balance completely once after two months of unemployment. You can withdraw  75% of your EPF corpus after one month of unemployment. 

2:How to check the EPF balance of my previous account?

Always remember that all your EPF accounts are connected to a UAN. You can see it on the screen once you log in to the EPF portal. You can choose the respective Member ID to check out your PF balance.

3:I have changed to a new job. Should I have to get a new UAN?

No, the UAN given to a member stays the same throughout the service time. A new PF account is opened only by the new employer & connected to the UAN of the member.

4:How much PF is deducted from my salary?

Both Employee & Employer should contribute 12% of their salary towards Provident Fund contribution. Also, the Employee State Insurance Corporation(ESIC) is 1.75% deducted from the employee's salary & 4.75% from the employer’s salary.

5:How can I claim my Employee Provident Fund amount?

To claim your Employee Provident Fund, you should visit the EPF Member’s Portal or e-SEWA Portal & login using your UAN. Next, go to ‘Online Services’ to claim & withdraw your PF fund.