HDFC Bank is one of the largest private sector banks in India and also one of the leading issuers of credit cards in the country. HDFC Bank offers a range of credit cards to suit the varying needs of individuals. These include entertainment cards, travel cards, cash back cards, lifestyle cards, rewards cards, business cards and co-branded cards. There is a card for everyone, depending of course on your individual eligibility based on your monthly income, expenditure pattern, credit score and other factors.

How do I apply for an HDFC credit card?

As a first step, you should browse through the various card offers on the HDFC website and learn about the various features and benefits – including rewards plans, fees, interest rates etc. – of the credit cards. Sometimes, it is difficult to make a decision on your own and it might be a good idea to discuss the various card options with a bank representative who can give you a clearer picture. All you need to do is to enter you name, mobile number, city of residence and income. An authorised representative will contact you with information on the credit cards suitable for you.

If, however, you have made up your mind on which card you want to apply for, you can apply online and get e-approval in a matter of minutes. You need to enter a few personal details so that the bank can run an eligibility check to see if you qualify for the credit card. You can then submit the application online and check if you qualify for approval. 

Documents required for applying for HDFC card

When applying online for a credit card, you will need to scan and upload certain documents including address and ID proof, and PAN card details along with your completed application.

You can track the status of your application online using the reference number that you receive when you submit the application.

Am I eligible for an HDFC credit card?

Each bank has its own eligibility criteria for approving a credit card application. In general, however, if you have a credit score of 750 or above and a good repayment history in your credit report, you have a good chance of being approved for a credit card. You need to also be eligible in terms of the monthly income requirements for the card.

It is a good idea to obtain a copy of your credit report and check to see if you have an adequate credit score for applying for a new credit card. If not, take steps to improve your score before applying in order to avoid rejection and causing further damage to your credit score.