PPF (Public Provident Fund) is a government-backed investment scheme available to all Indians. It's one of the most popular ways to build a long-term corpus, and it comes with an investment period of 15 years. Reliable and risk-free returns and tax savings are the two main reasons why millions of investors invest in the PPF scheme. PPF schemes can be quickly started at a post office near you or at banks that offer this scheme.

While most investors make it a point to invest in PPF regularly, not many keep track of their PPF investments. Worry not, here in this guide, we show you how to check your PPF account balance quickly, either online or offline.

A. Offline mode

Offline mode for checking PPF accounts can be accessed through the post office or any bank. 

  1. The offline process to check PPF account through the post office

A large number of investors open their PPF account at a post office. Since post offices are widespread in the country – both in rural and urban areas – it offers an easy and convenient way for investors to commence their PPF investments. However, the one major drawback of opening a PPF account in a post office is that it cannot be accessed online. To check the current balance or to make contributions to your PPF account, you have to visit the post office in person.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • When you open a PPF account at a post office, you receive a passbook for the PPF account. 
  • The passbook contains the following details:
  • PPF account number
  • Name of the person holding the account 
  • Account balance 
  • Credits and withdrawals made in the account 
  • To check the latest balance in your account, visit the post office where you hold the account and request the designated post-office employee to update the passbook. 
  1. The offline process to check PPF account through a bank

Some people do not have an internet banking facility activated on their savings bank account. In such cases, it is possible to track your PPF account balance offline by visiting the branch. 

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • The bank provides customers with a passbook when he/she opens a PPF account. Note that this passbook is separate from the passbook for the savings account. 
  • The passbook contains the following details:
  • PPF account number
  • Bank branch details (where the PPF account is held)
  • Transactions made on the PPF account – credits and withdrawals if any
  • Balance in the account 
  • To track your latest balance, visit the branch and ask a bank teller to update the passbook. 

Note that some banks offer automated kiosks for passbook updates. If your bank offers one, you can make use of the kiosk, instead of waiting in line. First place the passbook in the slot of the machine, with the barcode visible. Once the device reads the barcode, set the page where you want the details printed, and the passbook is updated with the latest transactions and balance.

B. Online mode

The online mode of checking PPF accounts can be accessed through any bank. Checking your PPF account balance online is quite easy and can be done within a few minutes. The service is available 24 x 7 and is similar to checking your savings bank account online. Log into the internet banking account of the bank, where you have opened the PPF account. Browse through the various sections. Look for PPF balance, click on it and you can see the balance in your account on the screen.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • You can check your PPF balance online only when you have linked your PPF account with your existing bank account. 
  • Most banks allow you to open a PPF account, only when you hold a savings/current bank account with the bank. 
  • To avail of this service, you first have to activate net banking services on your bank account. 
  • Besides checking the current balance in your PPF account, you can also carry out additional services like – online transfer of funds from your bank account to the PPF account, downloading the PPF account statement, applying for a loan based on your PPF account, set up standing instructions for the funding of your PPF account and more.

Note that PPF related online services vary from one bank to another. So, make sure to check out the list of services available at your bank, by contacting the customer care team of your bank or visiting your nearest branch. 


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Track your PPF Balance Regularly 

PPF interest rates vary every quarter, and the interest is credited to your account only at the end of a financial year. Only when you keep track of the balance in the account, you get a clear picture of how much amount you will receive on maturity.

Though your investments are locked in for fifteen years, you can make partial withdrawals from the seventh year onwards. Also, you can avail of loans using your PPF account as security. 

Only when you know how much you have invested, the interest earned on your contributions, can you make the right financial decisions on what to do with the amount on maturity. Hence, it’s essential to track your PPF balance regularly to plan your future. Use the steps listed here to quickly check your PPF balance and stay on track with your investments.


1. What is the current rate of interest of the PPF account?

The current rate of interest for the PPF account is 7.1% per annum effective from 1st April 2021.

2. Can a PPF account be opened at any bank?

PPF account can be opened at any scheduled bank in India as well as a few private banks that have partnered with the scheme.

3. Can a person have multiple PPF accounts?

No. A person can have only one account in their name. If a person has a second PPF account, such an account will be considered to be invalid.