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Every employer of an organization registered with the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) under the Employees Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 19 is allotted a unique number which is known as the Universal Account Number (UAN). This number is a 12 digit number that remains the same for all the employees throughout their life even in case of multiple switches in jobs.

In case an employee switches the job, he/she gets a new member identification number (ID) which will be linked to their UAN. The member can put in a request for a new member ID by submitting a request for the same with the new employer. The new member ID received by the employee will then get linked to his/her UAN.

Such centralized UAN numbers are useful in getting easy accessibility to transfers and withdrawals of the EPF.

Process to know the Employee UAN

The employees can know their UAN through the employer or directly through the UAN portal. The details of the same are available here.

Via the employer – 

The employee can get the details of the employee UAN by contacting the employer directly or by contacting the HR department or the Payroll department of the organization.

In many cases, the organization provides the UAN number on the salary slips of the employee.

Via the UAN portal – 

The employees can also get the details of the UAN number from the UAN portal directly.

Features and Benefits of the UAN

The various features and benefits of the UAN are highlighted below.

  • The key feature of the UAN is the hassle free process of withdrawals and transfer of the EPF of the employee.
  • With the UAN, the details of the number of the organizations joined by the employee and the tenure of the employment are easily available.
  • The EPFO can get easy access to the bank details and the basic Know Your Customer (KYC) details of the employee.
  • Such access to the KYC details of the employee enables the employers to get easy verification of the employee details at the time of the start of the employment.
  • The UAN facility of the EPFO has also enabled an overall reduction in the number of withdrawals from the EPF.
  • The centralized UAN enables the members of the EPFO to avail easy access to transfer their PD balance from their old employment to the current one.
  • The employees can also keep a track of the amount of contribution of the employer to their PF account and can also raise their concern/query regarding non-contribution of the PF amount by the employer.
  • The use of UAN enables the members of the EPFO to easily download the EPF statement directly from the EPFO website/portal or via the SMS facility available in this regard.
  • Another key feature of the UAN is the easy and quick transfer of the EPF balance from the old employment or member ID to the new employment or member ID.

Process of activation of the UAN

The members can easily activate their UAN from the EPFO portal and get access to all the benefits that come along with the UAN of an employee.

The process of activation of the UAN of the member is stated as follows and can be done by following the below procedure.

Click on the EPFO website or portal - Our Services - For Employees - under the services section click on the ‘Member UAN /Online Services (OCS/OCTP)’ - Activate UAN - after entering the necessary details click on the ‘Get Authorization PIN’

Up on successfully carrying out the above process, the members will receive an OTP on their registered mobile number.

The member has to then enter the OTP in the required field and click on ‘Validate OTP and Activate UAN’ and also check on the disclaimer provided in the dialogue box.

Post the above steps, the employee or member will receive their UAN and Password on their registered mobile number which can be further used for logging into the EPFO portal.

Benefits of UAN Login

The members can perform the following tasks related to their EWF easily by using the UAN login that they had generated using the process mentioned above.

  • View the status of linking their PF as well as the list all member IDs
  • Editing personal details like mobile number and email ID
  • Update KYC information and upload KYC documents
  • View the status of transfer of PF claim, claim of file transfer and system generated transfer claim
  • Download the UAN card and passbook
  • View helpdesk contacts

Other information regarding UAN

  • The KYC documents that need to be submitted by the employee as per the KYC norms include the Aadhaar card, PAN Card Number and the Bank details of the employee.
  • The EPFO provides UAN to all the members that have contributed to the PF fund at least once in January 2014 or later. In case of non-contribution during such period and the members who do not have a UAN already, such members can request for the allotment of UAN to the EPFO.
  • The UN activation and subsequent use requires an active registered mobile number of the member. Such mobile numbers can be later changed, if needed.
  • The members having Aadhaar linked UAN can avail easy claims of their EPF by submitting the same directly to the EPFO and thereby eliminate the need for approaching the employers for attestation of their claims.
  • The EPFO provides for the online application of all the UAN based member services.


1. What is a UAN Card?

The UAN card is the card issued by the EPFO containing the UAN of the employee.

2. Can an employee possess two UANs?

No. This is not allowed. In case of receiving multiple UANs, the employee must contact the helpdesk immediately and get the previous UAN blocked and thereby use only the current UAN allotted by the EPFO.

3. What are the documents needed for UAN?

The members will need the following documents for getting the UAN,

  • Bank details of the member
  • KYC documents for identity proof and address proof (Aadhaar card, PAN card, Voter’s ID, etc.)
  • Employees’ State Insurance Corporation card (ESIC).
  • Aadhaar card is a mandatory requirement for getting the UAN and availing the benefits that come along with it.

4. What are some of the examples of KYC documents?

Some examples of the KYC documents are the Aadhaar card, Driving License, Bank Account details, PAN, Passport, etc.

5. Can a member hold multiple IDs under a single UAN?

Yes. A member can hold multiple IDs under a single UAN.

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