This Knowledge Base is aimed at addressing frequently asked question on how CreditMantri can help you address your concerns and specific issues relating to you Credit score/ rating, CIBIL reports It gives you an overview of the services we offer and what it takes to become loan and credit card eligible.

1 About Us
About Us

CreditMantri India's premier and only comprehensive Credit Score Analysis and Credit Improvement Program, was set up with the primary focus to educate consumers about their individual credit history and to leverage the same to eventually improve / enhance their chances to becoming loan/credit card eligible

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2 What does CreditMantri do?

CreditMantri is an India focussed Digital Credit facilitator. The intent is to leverage the power of technology and the digital medium to empower borrowers and lenders make efficient credit decisions.

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3 How can CreditMantri help to improve my CIBIL score and make me loan worthy?

As part of our Free Credit health Check, we obtain your credit score / rating from Equifax and analyse the status of your credit health online. You can also choose to upload a CIBIL report if you have it handy. We then identify negative or problem loan accounts which could be impacting your credit history.

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4 What are the various services offered by CreditMantri?

On the CreditMantri website (, consumers start by understanding the status of their Credit Health and creating their Credit Profile.

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5 How is CreditMantri different from other service providers?

The CreditMantri team comes with a banking and financial services DNA. We have a team of 65+ across Engineering, Product Management, Marketing, Operations, Data Sciences and Sales.

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6 How long does the “Credit Improvement ” service take?
Comprehensive Service Duration

There is no fixed time for your score to improve. You have to demonstrate consistent, responsible credit behaviour in order to re-build your credit score.

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7 What additional charges does CreditMantri levy other than the fees specified?
No other hidden fees

CreditMantri does not charge any incremental fees other than what is specified.

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8 Will CreditMantri help me rectify errors in my CIBIL report?
Rectify errors

Most definitely. As part of our Credit Improvement Services, we coordinate with Bureaus – Equifax/ CIBIL and file a dispute on your behalf.

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9 Why should I trust CreditMantri?

CreditMantri has been set-up by ex-bankers with extensive experience of collections and risk management.

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10 Watch a video on how CreditMantri can help you.
CreditMantri helps

The video will explain how CreditMantri will help you become loan eligible.

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11 Customer Testimonials.
Customer Testimonials

Read what our happy customers have to say about CreditMantri

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Check your Free Credit Score Online

How can Credit Mantri Help You?

CreditMantri helps you to understand the status of your credit health and make better credit decisions. At CreditMantri get a free analysis of your credit report. We here are focused on ensuring that your loan and credit card application is successful and we will hold you every step of the way. We also provide you a free credit score online. Also get credit health check of your CIBIL or Equifax credit report for FREE. Credit health check helps you to

• Compare cards and loans best suited for you.
• Reduce your EMI costs.
• Understand reasons for loan rejection.
• Helps to improve credit score and history.

What if I am a first time borrower?

As a first time borrower, the usual challenge is discovering what products suit you the best and help to build your credit score. And discovering products from lenders who are willing to lend you. With our free credit health check, we help you to build your credit score. CreditMantri not only helps you but also helps lenders understand you better.

Is my data safe and secure with you?

We use bank grade security to protect your data. To establish an encrypted link between your browser and website, we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL). All the data is securely transmitted to CreditMantri.

At CreditMantri we help you to understand the reasons behind loan and credit card application rejection. Here we also provide comprehensive credit report analysis and credit score improvement programmes. We provide you with a detailed plan on how to improve your credit score and make you credit worthy.

We also provide execution support for resolving disputes and credit report issues. We coordinate with lenders and bureaus like CIBIL, Equifax to:

• Dispute errors in your credit report.
• Change the status of your reported loans by coordinating with lenders.

As a part of our free credit health check, we help you to evaluate your borrowing portfolio and suggest borrowing options which help to reduce your current EMI costs. And if you are convinced about your savings, you can opt to go ahead and execute the suggestions.

We help you find credit products best suited for you- be it credit cards, personal loans, home loans, auto loans and god loans. We have a wide range of lenders willing to lend to you based on your credit history. We do the hard work for you and weed out what is not suited for your credit profile.