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About Buy Now Pay Later Dhani

Dhani Loans, formerly known as IndiaBulls Consumer, has entered the Buy Now Pay Later scene recently. But their credit line seems to surpass all other Buy Now Pay Later players by offering interest free credit that can be repaid in comfortable EMIs.

What Exactly Is A Dhani Onefreedom Quick Credit Line?

Dhani OneFreedom credit line enables you to make purchases and repay them in installments later. Dhani provides a personal line of credit of up to Rs. 5 lakhs at 0% interest with amazing rewards, cashbacks and benefits on all purchases. This is very much a personal loan offered in the Buy Now Pay Later format.

The Dhani OneFreedom Credit is a little different from traditional credit cards but has all the best features of one.

  • You get instant credit line of up to Rs.5 lakhs based on your eligibility
  • The entire application process is done online on the Dhani mobile app
  • The availed credit can be used at more than 1 crore merchants online and offline
  • The credit is interest free and can be repaid in comfortable monthly EMIs
  • The service charges a nominal monthly fee for using the credit line
  • You can use the credit line to purchase items through the Dhani app directly
  • You can also choose to get a physical card to use for transactions at your neighborhood stores

Dhani OneFreedom Credit Line has taken the consumer market by storm! This novel idea of subscription based credit line sounds quite attractive to consumers who don’t want to get bogged down by hefty interest rates.

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Let Us See How Dhani Onefreedom Credit Works!

  • Download and install the Dhani App on your mobile phone. 
  • You then login with your basic credentials like phone number, name and email address
  • You have to complete the KYC process using your Aadhaar number and PAN details
  • Based on this, your credit line is determined and displayed to you. 
  • Once you accept the terms and conditions, your credit line is ready for use! 

It is as simple as that!

What Is a Dhani Card?

Dhani OneFreedom is a RuPay-enabled card with a credit limit of up to 5 lacs at 0% interest.  You can apply for this card as soon as your credit line has been approved. This card is accepted at over a million RuPay businesses, both online and offline. Among the characteristics and benefits of OneFreedom are:

  • Credit limit of up to Rs. 5 lacs at 0% interest
  • There are no processing fees or other charges. There is only a flat monthly cost with no additional charges
  • Pay back your credit card in three monthly installments and return only the principal after 60 days.
  • On all payments, you will receive a 2% immediate cashback
  • Dhani Store is offering 45% off on Daily Needs, Groceries, and Household Items
  • Cashback of up to Rs. 1,200 on utility bill payments
  • Additional savings on Amazon, Flipkart, Zomato, and a variety of other brands
  • Dhani Stocks offers a free trading account with no commissions
  • Accepted by over a million RuPay businesses, both online and offline
  • There is no need for a bank mandate for auto payments

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Where And How Can I Use My Dhani Onefreedom Card?

Your Dhani OneFreedom Card is pretty much like a debit/credit card and can be used at both online and offline merchants like you use your normal debit or credit card. It is powered by RuPay and is accepted by over 1 crore merchants across the country.

Using Dhani OneFreedom Card offline:

  • Simply swipe your actual Dhani OneFreedom card and enter your secret PIN. 
  • Money will be debited from your daily credit limit and converted into three interest-free payments automatically.

Using Dhani OneFreedom Card for online transactions: 

  • Shop on your favorite site, add the items to your cart and proceed to checkout. 
  •  On the payment screen, select the 'Debit Card' payment method.
  • Enter the 16-digit Dhani OneFreedom card number.
  • Enter the card authentication details. 
  • Money will be debited from your daily credit limit and converted into three interest-free payments.

What Is The Monthly Subscription Fee For Dhani Onefreedom Card?

The Dhani OneFreedom subscription fee is a small monthly fee charged on credit with 0% interest. The Dhani OneFreedom card with credit comes with a monthly subscription charge of Rs. 199.

How Does One Repay The Credit Availed On Dhani Onefreedom Card?

The best thing about Dhani OneFreedom Card is that you don’t have to give a bank mandate for auto-debit of your monthly EMIs. You can pay it comfortably, before the due date, using various payment channels.

  • The repayment on Dhani OneFreedom card can be made through Dhani Wallet, Debit Card, Credit Card, UPI, and Net Banking.
  • All transactions made with Dhani OneFreedom are divided into three interest-free EMIs.
  • The first EMI is due the day after the transaction is completed, the second EMI on the 30th day, and the third EMI on the 60th day.
  • Dhani trusts its clients to pay back their debts by using the app, thus EMIs are not automatically debited from your bank account.
  • As a result, no bank mandate is required when applying for a Dhani OneFreedom card.

How Long Does It Take To Apply For Dhani Onefreedom Credit Line?

The entire credit application process is done online through the Dhani mobile app or Dhani website. The process is completed in less than 2 minutes and your instant credit line is approved.

What Happens If I Don't Pay My Dhani Loan Installment On Time?

Non-payment of Dhani OneFreedom credit has an impact on your credit score. After 7 days from your specified repayment date, you are levied a penalty. You will also no longer receive 2% instant cashback on your transactions.

Is Dhani Onefreedom Card A Credit Card?

Dhani OneFreedom cannot be called a traditional credit card but does offer all the features and benefits of a credit card. You can make purchases both offline and online using your Dhani OneFreedom card. But the loan is given to you at 0% interest which you will repay within 3 installments. Dhani OneFreedom does not charge you interest rate per transaction but levies a monthly subscription fee of Rs.199 to use the service.

How Does The Billing Cycle On My Dhani Onefreedom Work?

The Dhani OneFreedom billing cycle is a little different from your credit card billing cycle. You don’t get a 50-day interest free period here. Every Dhani OneFreedom purchase is automatically converted into three interest-free instalments spread over 60 days.

For example, suppose you make a Rs. 1500 purchase on January 1st. The Rs.1500 is divided into three interest-free installments, which you must pay on Day 2, Day 30, and Day 60 following the date of your transaction.

As a result, your repayment cycle would be as follows:

  • January 2nd - Rs.500
  • January 31st - Rs.500
  • March 2nd - Rs.500

What Are The Documents Required To Obtain A Dhani Onefreedom Card?

To apply for a Dhani OneFreedom card, you only need your AADHAAR number. If you do not have an AADHAAR card, you will be required to provide additional papers such as an address proof and a PAN card to complete your KYC.

Dhani OneFreedom is a novel idea in the Buy Now Pay Later segment. It allows more freedom to purchasers by not tying up their bank accounts for auto-debit of the repayments. And it is also partnered with more than 1 crore merchants to give choice to the consumers.

Dhani OneFreedom FAQs

1. What is the credit score required to avail Dhani OneFreedom?

Dhani OneFreedom does not check your credit score to approve the credit line. So consumers with low credit score or even NIL credit history can apply for the Dhani OneFreedom instant credit line.

2. Where can I apply for the Dhani OneFreedom credit line?

Dhani OneFreedom credit line can be applied through the Dhani mobile app or on the Dhani official website.

3. What are the joining fees and annual fees for the Dhani OneFreedom card?

Dhani OneFreedom card does not charge any joining fees or annual fees. There is only the monthly subscription fee of Rs.199 to use the service.

4. Is it possible to withdraw cash from my Dhani OneFreedom card?

No, you cannot withdraw cash from your Dhani OneFreedom card, but you can spend your credit at over a million physical and online RuPay shops. It also provides additional discounts and offers on your favorite brands, as well as 2% cashback on all purchases.

5. Where can I access and manage my Dhani credit line loans?

On the Dhani app, in the OneFreedom section, tap on the 'Due Now and Upcoming Dues' option to view all transactions relating to your OneFreedom credit line. You may monitor and make payments right here.

6. Is the Dhani card secure?

Yes, the Dhani OneFreedom card supports RuPay. It has a chip and PIN, providing the maximum level of security in accordance with RBI rules for safe and secure transactions.

7. Is there an option to cancel my Dhani subscription any time?

Yes, you can cancel your Dhani subscription whenever you want. You can do that from your Dhani app itself. The cancellation will be immediate and you will lose access to all the cashback points and rewards immediately.

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