Buy a Mobile on EMI with an ICICI Debit Card

The market is flooded with smartphones that are faster, smarter and have many very desirable upgrades. Makes the phone you bought just last month look outdated, right? Makes you want to run out and get a new one this weekend!

There is a small catch—buying that much-desired phone comes at a cost, and a steep cost at that. Is your dream of owning a phone taking a back seat due to the cost factor? Well, let that not bother you, since there is always a way out for such a situation!

Don’t have a credit card to buy it in easy EMIs? Find your ‘Mobile Loan’ rejected due to insufficient salary or no credit history? Have money saved up but don’t want to forgo all of it at once (who would want that?!)

Well here is a surprise for you all—you can now buy your desired mobile phone in easy EMIs using a debit card! Yes, those holding ICICI debit cards can make use of the EMI offer extended by the bank. You can easily convert your high value transactions into easy installments. You need to have a fixed deposit or recurring deposit linked to your bank account in order to avail this offer.

Features and benefits:

• No processing fee, no paperwork

• Tenure option of 3, 6 ,9,12,18 and 24 months.

• Low interest rate of 13%(on reducing basis) for 3, 6, 9 and 12 month tenures and 15%(on reducing basis) for 18 and 24 month tenures.

• Can avail this facility for converting transactions of Rs. 10,000 and above into easy EMIs (at participating stores).

• Tie up with Apple in 2000 stores across India for smart phones only.

• Tie up with Samsung in 9000 stores pan India. Here you can buy smart phones, tablets, televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, microwave ovens, etc on your ICICI debit card.

Other partner tie-ups include:  Haier, Hero Motors, Firefox, Kurlon, Lenovo, Nikon, Sharp, Sleepwell, Suzuki Motors, TVS motors, Vespa Motors and VLCC.


This offer is valid only for those having a fixed or recurring deposit linked with their bank account.

How to avail this offer:

• Just walk-in to the partner outlet and shop for your mobile phone (or other product). To know your nearest store offering EMI facility, SMS EMI to 56886 or look up the list of stores online on the ICICI website.

• On the billing counter, conduct the transaction by using your ICICI Bank Debit Card at the specified terminal in the store.

• Select the tenure of EMI.

• Transaction is authorized and conversion to EMI happens post successful validation of all the parameters.

• Upon successful validation, the whole amount is deducted which will be reversed within 2 business working days after the transaction date.

• First installment will be deducted 30 days from reversal of the money in the account.

• Your account statement will display the transaction history

There you go. It’s as simple as that. Now go grab that mobile phone that is waiting for you!