Yes, you can get a loan with a very low credit score in India. Though it isn’t easy to get a loan with a very low credit score, it isn’t impossible. You can apply for a secured loan against gold or property. The interest rates on secured loans are lower than personal loans as you provide collateral, but, if you have a low credit score, interest rates comparatively higher than normal. Ensure that you can repay these loans as you will lose your asset if you fail to repay the loan within the given tenure. 

While we do agree that you can get a loan even with a low credit score, we use this opportunity to inform you the importance of credit score and its upkeep; you may manage to secure a loan with your current credit status but it may not be possible all the time and surely not at the terms you would be comfortable with. Loans at unfavourable terms leads to stress and a vicious circle of debt which leads to even a poor credit standing. 

Look after your credit health first, it will serve you well in the long run. For more on credit improvement go here