CreditMantri is the no.1 credit services provider in India. We offer a wide range of credit-oriented services like free credit score, credit health report and credit information services. We are continually working to address the challenges you may face with your credit report, by helping you in fixing it and improving it. Our friendly customer service team is always quick to answer any and all customer inquiries.

How can I contact Credit Mantri Customer Care?

You can log in and submit your query in the ‘Need Help' section, for any questions about personal loans, house loans, business loans, credit cards, credit improvement needs, payment concerns, and so on. Our Customer Care team will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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Why should I post my question in the 'Need Help' section and not reach CreditMantri by phone?

We act in our clients' best interests and ensure that all data is kept secure. One of the main reasons we ask our consumers to log in to our website and contact us through the ‘Need Help' section is because of this. This way, your relationship with us will be secure, and you'll have a record of everything you've spoken to us.