If you want to increase or decrease your HDFC credit card limit, you can do so by calling HDFC credit card customer care. If you have been using your HDFC credit card regularly, and have a good financial standing with the bank, they will increase the credit card limit accordingly.

Also, if you want to decrease the credit card limit (which is highly unlikely), you have to call the HDFC Bank credit card customer care 

What is the credit limit?

Credit limit is the maximum amount of money that you can spend on your credit card. The credit limit will keep decreasing as you make purchases on your card. Once you make a payment, the credit limit will be replenished. 

Billing cycle on HDFC credit cards is 40-50 days. A bill is generated every 30 days, and you get 15-20 days to repay the bill amount in full without any interest. If you make partial payment, the remaining balance will start accruing interest, along with the new purchases you make. 

Credit card interest rates average at 36-48% per annum, which is pretty high. So it is always a good idea to pay your credit card bill in full. If you are unable to pay the full amount, then make sure to pay the minimum amount due. 

Also, most credit card companies now offer the option of converting your big ticket purchases into EMIs, at nominal interest rates. Avail these facilities to reduce your debt. 

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