No bank in India offers a loan against the mark sheet as security.

Sorry, you cannot pledge your mark sheet or graduation certificate as collateral to get any kind of loan from SBI. 

However, to encourage and support meritorious students, SBI grant loans to students with high grades and academic qualifications to study at premier educational institutes and universities in India and abroad.

The basic eligibility criteria for this loan are the students' educational achievements as evidenced by their past exam mark sheets. Banks evaluate candidates' eligibility based on their academic performance to ensure that financial aid reaches eligible students. This is why this type of loan is also known as a Marksheet Loan.

Courses covered under Marksheet Loan: 

  • Graduation, Post-graduation/Degree/Diploma courses from leading colleges or universities approved by UGC/ AICTE/IMC/Govt. etc.
  • All kinds of general Degree and Diploma courses conducted by autonomous educational institutes such as IIMs, IITs etc.
  • Courses covering Engineering, Management, Medicine, Computer science, Pure Science, Architecture, Agriculture, Hotels and hospitality, Fine Arts and Design etc.
  • Can also be used for technical and vocational training courses such as aviation, air-hostess, shipping, nursing, teacher training etc.

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