Feels like ages ago when we used to fill in account numbers and IFSC codes for money transfers via NEFT, but then with IMPS came the concept of MMIDs, followed by Virtual Addresses with UPI in mid 2016. If at that time someone told us that you can simply transfer money into someone’s account with just their phone number, or making payments straight to their bank accounts, we would think that they have gone nuts. Right? Tada! Welcome to the real revolution in the cashless economy.

Let us walk you step by step on this 5 second journey that shows the safest, coolest and fastest way to share money with your friends without even asking for their bank details! (and most importantly, you can send money to them even if they are not on UPI)

For example if you are using Google Pay, send & receive money using a phone number by following the steps below.

  • Open the Google Pay app 

  • At the bottom right, tap Send

  • Tap Send or request

  • Enter the recipient's phone number.

  • Enter the amount you want to send

  • Tap Send

  • Confirm your payment method

  • Tap Confirm & send

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Voila! That’s how simple it is. The hassle-free way to transfer money from one mobile number to another. There are various other famous platforms such as: