In the Atal Pension Yojana scheme, once the subscriber dies, his/her spouse will receive the exact pension amount. After the death of the subscriber's spouse, the nominee of this account gets a corpus amount. The corpus amount is fixed based on the pension amount that was selected by the subscriber. The pension plan promises a fixed monthly pension of Rs. 1000/Rs. 2000/Rs. 3000/Rs. 4000/Rs. 5000, and according to the plan the subscriber gets the corpus amount.

Pension Amount Corpus Amount
Rs. 1000 Rs. 1.7 lakhs
Rs. 2000 Rs. 3.4 lakhs
Rs. 3000 Rs. 5.1 lakhs
Rs. 4000 Rs. 6.8 lakhs
Rs. 5000 Rs. 8.5 lakhs