Your car loan amount depends on your monthly income and the type of car you wish to purchase.  Before approving your car loan application, the lender goes through your credit report to analyse how you have performed in the past with your credit activities. If you have a good credit history, chances are higher that your loan application will get approved. 

However, this does not guarantee a higher loan amount. If you need to secure a higher loan amount to purchase a car, you must have a good monthly income. The lender will want to ensure that your current financial commitments do not cross 50% of your income. 

For example, if you earn a monthly income of Rs. 50,000 with no other financial responsibilities, the lender may approve a higher loan amount such that your EMI can be up to Rs. 25,000. 

Apart from income, your relationship with the lender also matters for sanctioning higher loan amounts. You must have a savings account, credit card or taken a loan before with the particular lender.