Click to Pay, an online shopping service option is made available for you, to use net banking facilities of other banks, to pay your overdue ICICI Bank loan amount online.

ICICI Bank loans overdue can now be paid online through the ICICI Bank portal in 4 easy steps. Log into your net banking account and follow the steps mentioned below.  

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Step 1: Select your preferred bank for loan payment

  • Select your bank from the drop-down box, from which you would like to pay ICICI Bank overdue amount. A drop-down box, listing select banks partnered by ICICI Bank, has been provided for your convenience.

Step 2: Provide your ICICI Bank loan particulars

  • You have to key in your 16-digit alphanumeric loan account number twice
  • Key in the overdue amount against ICICI Bank loan amount 
  • Click the pay now button
  • You will be safely redirected to your selected bank’s payment gateway

Step 3: Authenticate payment

  • Key in your validation details (net banking user id/password/other particulars) as requested by the banking site
  • Choose the loan amount you want to make payment for
  • Instant debit processed in your preferred bank account

Step 4: Obtain an online confirmation receipt

  • On successful completion of step 3, confirmation receipt is immediately received along with transaction reference number.

Overdue loans carry with it a certain risk, so you should try to ensure prompt monthly loan payment.

Points to Consider: 

The overdue loan carries late payment charges.

Late payment of loans is reported to credit bureaus showing in your credit file.

Overdue loan payment could damage your credit score, impacting future loan requirements.