It is hard for unemployed people to get qualified for a good loan offer. Lenders would need proof of income to be convinced that you would be able to pay your monthly payments on time. But even though you are unemployed there are ways to get a loan. One way is by pledging collateral. Secured loans are lent to people who provide security to their loan. In case they are not able to pay back, the security they pledged will be taken as compensation.  

For example, gold loans are unsecured loans where the borrower pledges gold as collateral. Even students who are unemployed can take a loan by having a guarantor to back them up or they can also pledge collateral to easily avail the loan. There are schemes that help housewives get loans to purchase gold ornaments and they would also be able to pledge their gold as collateral to avail a loan. Government schemes provide opportunities for unemployed people under schemes like Prime Minister Rozgar Yojana, Loan Subsidy Scheme etc.