ICICI bank is the third-largest private sector bank in India and stands fourth in terms of market capitalization. The bank offers a wide array of home loan products and services along with great customer services and branches available at many places in the country. 

ICICI Bank is considered as one of the leading banks in India when it comes to taking home loans as the loans are available at affordable interest rates, low EMIs and zero processing charges. To increase their eligibility criteria for availing ICICI Bank Home Loan, a borrower needs to understand the various factors impacting eligibility. 

Key Factors Impacting Eligibility on ICICI Bank Home Loan 

Key Factors which tend to impact the eligibility of ICICI Home Loan are

  • Age of applicant/borrower
  • The credit score of the applicant, which is based on the applicant’s credit history 
  • Income of applicant
  • Applicant’s loan repayment capability 
  • Loan repayment history of the applicant
  • Active loans of the applicant for which he/she is a co-borrower

Ways to Enhance ICICI Bank Home Loan Eligibility

  • Improve your credit score
  • Having a stable and steady income
  • Adding a co-borrower who has a steady source of income to the loan application
  • Opting for longer loan tenure
  • Having an additional source of income

Features of ICICI Bank Home Loan




Available salaried, self-employed, NRIs, etc., depending on their home loan requirements.

Amount of Loan

Rs.5 lakhs – Rs.3 crores

Rate of Interest

6.75% p.a. onwards

Loan Tenure

Up to 30 years

Eligibility Criteria

Age in the range of 21-65 years

Lowest EMI per lakh

Rs. 649

Prepayment of Loan Charges


Processing Fee

0.5% of  loan amount and additional tax


  • KYC documents like income/address/identity proof
  • Bank statements
  • Photograph

Application Mode


Enhanced Eligibility

Up to 20%

Important Points to Consider

  1. ICICI Bank offers various home loan products at attractive terms to suit borrower needs
  2. By improving your credit score, you can boost your ICICI home loan eligibility and secure the best loan at the best interest rates.