Experts peg the average credit score for a 25-year old at 660

The credit score is a variable. From the time of your first credit, it slowly builds up based on your credit activity. It has been found that your credit score peaks when you are between the ages of 50 and 60. 

The credit score is a mystery to many people. The younger generation has still not found out its uses and the older generation may not have much use for it. The average middle-aged man, who needs the best credit score, is having a hard time figuring out how to achieve it. 

A credit score of less than 670 is deemed mediocre by some lenders, which will result in either a rejected application or the borrower being accepted on less favourable terms.

Many consumers at the age of 25 are only getting started with credit, probably with their first credit cards. A credit score would take at least six months to build since that is the minimum amount of information needed for a credit score.

One should also consider the effect of income on your loan application. At the age of 25, as a fresher, your salary may not be very high to get you many loans. Building a high credit score is a process that takes years of discipline and credit management to reach a high score. 

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