Home loan is a huge credit responsibility which of course demands a higher discipline for repayment till the completion of the entire tenure. Banks too take precautions before giving out big-ticket loans. Hence the borrowers will have to pass through the eligibility check to secure the home loan of their choice. If your home loan has been rejected in the past, you might have failed to fulfil the eligibility criteria prescribed by the lender. Following are some of the reasons why your home loan could have been rejected. 

Insufficient Income: A good repaying ability is determined by your income and if it is lower than the required amount, the probability is high for rejection

Poor Credit Score: Having a good credit score reflects your creditworthiness. If it is less than the standard score, the rejection could happen.

Career Stability: If you have switched so many jobs recently, the chances are high for rejection.

Loan to Income ratio: If you already have a loan running, the lender will calculate the loan to income ratio. If it is above 50% of your income, the chances are high for rejection. 

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, your home loan might get rejected if you have insufficient age, inappropriate documents, problems in property approval etc. 

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