Gold loans are a type of secured loan provided by lenders against gold as collateral. The gold is pledged as security and is returned back once the borrower repays the whole loan amount that is due. With the help of an HDFC online EMI calculator you will be able to find out how much EMI is to be paid approximately, for the borrowed loan amount. An EMI calculator will help you try different interest rates, tenures and principal amount combinations to find an approximation of the total loan amount to be repaid along with the interest payments.  

The HDFC Bank EMI calculator asks you for the amount you need and the interest rate and then you can calculate how much interest you would have to pay. EMI is usually calculated taking the interest for instance let it be 11% for a tenure of 1 year and the loan amount be Rs. 1,00,000. The total EMI to be paid every month will be Rs. 8838 approximately.

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