A top-up loan is a service offered by banks, housing finance firms, and other financial institutions that allows you to borrow money in excess of your house loan.

An Axis Bank top-up loan is a loan provided by the bank on top of your home loan. Axis Bank provides top-up loans over your current amount in the same way that you can top-up your mobile balance if you are running short on balance.

You can utilize a top-up loan to remodel or expand your home, or to fulfil personal needs such as funding for your children's school, etc. The top-up loan amount, however, cannot be used for speculative reasons.

The Axis Bank top-up loan is not available to everyone who has a bank house loan. Before issuing the top-up loan, several variables are considered. Axis Bank investigates the borrower's repayment capabilities and track record in regard to the repayment of the previous home loan. If the credit report is favourable, the bank approves the top-up loan with a processing fee. In some situations, the processing cost is waived.

Top-up loans are granted for the remaining term of the existing house loan or for a duration of ten years. The interest rates charged on top-up loans are slightly higher than the interest rates charged on house loans. When compared to the interest rates on a personal loan, this is extremely low.