There could be quite a few reasons why your account is not showing up on the credit report: 

  • The account could be relatively new and is not yet updated on the credit report
  • The account has been closed for longer than 10 years and hence has been removed from the credit report
  • The provider does not report to any of the credit bureaus
  • The account is a non-credit one like an FD or other investment account
  • There could have been a technical glitch in updating the report
  • It was purely an error either by the lender or the credit bureau
  • The account information on the account is different from the one on your credit report

You can check with the respective credit bureau on this. If it was a genuine omission or an error, they will update it on their records. 

If there is an error in your account information, you should promptly get it rectified with your lender so that the account is updated in the next credit report. 

What are the effects of your account not reflecting in the credit report?

If the account is a credit card and you are using it judiciously, you may lose your opportunity to build your credit score. Also, if an account drops off from your credit report, it may lead to a fall in your credit score. 

You can contact your lender and learn about their credit reporting policy and the credit bureau they report to so that you can update the account to reflect your credit score and credit report.