“I want to buy that latest upgraded mobile phone, but I have no money.”, “I need to buy a washing machine for my house, but I can’t afford as I have no funds.” These scenes of lamentations are no longer necessary as you have the convenience of purchasing all that you need with a credit card. HDFC Bank, one of the leading banks in the country, offers a variety of credit cards, catering to the lifestyle of the customers based on their income and eligibility. If you happen to hold a HDFC Bank credit card, you are in luck, you can purchase all your favourite items and repay it in Easy EMI.

Apart from the Easy EMI, the bank also provides No Cost EMI on certain purchases for which there is no payment of interest charges. Let’s take a look at the procedure for availing the EMI option and other things you must know about this facility.

Procedure to Apply for EMI on HDFC Bank Credit Card

HDFC Bank provides the option of purchasing your favourite items such as gadgets, home appliances, electronics, etc., using the bank’s credit card at Easy EMI or No Cost EMI option. This can be availed at partnered merchant outlets and online. Following are the procedure to be followed:


  • You need to visit the merchant websites for the product that you wish you purchase. 

  • Look for EMI Option on the product page and click on HDFC Bank Credit Card option. 

  • You may find the details of tenure, interest rate and EMI amount to be paid. 

  • If those terms are satisfactory to you, you can proceed to the check out.  

  • At the payment page, you will be asked to choose the EMI tenure that is convenient for you. 

  • After inputting the card details, your will receive an OTP to your registered mobile number. 

  • Post verification of OTP, the price of the product will be debited from your credit limit and paid to the merchant. 

  • You will receive an SMS or email about the purchase and EMI conversion. 

  • Your EMI will be added each month in the bill statement till the complete repayment. 


  • You can visit the nearby merchant outlet that has the facility of converting your purchase using HDFC Bank credit card to Easy EMI. 

  • After choosing the product, communicate to the merchant about your wish to purchase the item using HDFC Bank Easy EMI. 

  • Now, you can choose the tenure and respective interest rate.

  • Your charge slip will be created with all the terms. 

  • Post your acknowledgement, you can make the payment using your HDFC Bank credit card. 

  • The respective amount will be paid to the merchant which will now be converted to EMI by the bank. It can take up to 4 working days for the EMI conversion to take place. 

  • Your EMI will be added each month in the bill statement till the complete repayment. 

In both the methods, you can avail the EMI option only at the time of making the purchase. You cannot get the EMI facility after completing the transaction. 

Features and Benefits of Availing EMI on HDFC Bank Credit Card

Following are some of the prominent features and benefits of EMI option in HDFC Bank Credit Card:

  • No Cost EMI: There is absolutely zero interest payment with No Cost EMI option. You can avail this facility on purchases from leading manufacturers. It can be availed on both online and in-store purchases. 

  • Processing Fees: There is no processing fee levied on converting your purchase to EMI using the credit card. 

  • Tenure: You can choose flexible repayment period between 3 months to 36 months. 

  • Down Payment: No down payment required; you will get 100% finance on all purchases. 

  • Eligibility: All HDFC Bank credit cardholders are eligible for this EMI option. However, you should have a positive payment track record to get approval. 

  • Interest Rates:



 Interest Rate (Per Annum) 

3 0.13
6 0.13
9 0.14
12 0.14
18 0.15
24 0.15



*The interest rates are subject to change as the rules and internal policies of the bank and relevant regulation of the Government of India. 

  • Documentation: There is absolutely no documentation required. You can just use your card to get the EMI in minutes. 

  • Smart EMI: Apart from using the EMI option for buying your favourite products, there is also Smart EMI option which allows you to convert your credit card payment to smart EMI at low interest rate. You can choose the convenient tenure based on your outstanding balance. 

Things You Must Know About EMI on HDFC Bank Credit Card

There are certain terms and conditions that a HDFC Bank credit cardholder must be aware before diving in to avail the EMI facility. 

  • EMI facility is not available on purchases of gold and jewellery. 

  • GST is applicable on all purchases. Currently, the GST stands at 18% which is subject to change as per Government’s regulations on such charges. GST is applicable on the interest component of EMI. The fees levied on GST is not reversible in case there is any dispute on the transaction. 

  • Easy EMI transactions are not eligible for reward points. 

  • For the first EMI, the interest will be calculated from the date of booking the loan to till the payment due date. 

  • This EMI facility is available only select merchant outlets and websites. 

  • EMI option is available only for select HDFC Bank credit cardholders and select corporate credit cards. 

  • No Cost EMI option is not available for all types of tenure. It usually depends on the brand, the price of the product and tenure chosen. 

  • The customer can pre-close the EMI option by making the full payment. The request will have to be made by calling up the customer support team. The loan amount will be debited from your credit limit and you just need to make the full payment. There are charges for pre-closing the EMI option. 

End Note

EMI option is one of the best features available on HDFC Bank Credit Cards. Becoming eligible for such transactions requires good track record of repayments. You can make use of this option to buy things that are essential for your home and lifestyle without having to look up to someone for the entire amount. This is also one of the best alternatives to personal loans.