Gone are the days when you had to trek to your bank every time you needed something done. Remember how you used to wait in line at the bank, wondering whom to ask the query you had in mind, clueless about what to do, and wondering how much money you had in your account? Wave goodbye to all those doubts and hesitations!

With the era of Internet banking, the bank has come close to you - in fact, it has come to your doorstep! With the online credit card statement facility, there is now no need to write down every single expense incurred. All that information is just a click away on your computer with many banks offering online statement services that give you a detailed account of your credit card activity.

Many banks enable their customers to view their credit card statements online. For example, if you are a Citibank Credit card holder, then you can sign up for Statement On Email and receive your credit card statement in your email inbox. You can sign up online on the Citibank website by:

• Providing your credit card number, date of card expiry, your date of birth and your mobile number.

• Logging into your Citibank Online account and clicking on the register tab in the statements page

• Calling the CitiPhone number and placing a request

You can also view your credit card statement online through Citibank Online banking as well. You just need to register for online banking and generate your user ID and IPIN(your Internet personal identification number). By availing this facility, you can view transactions on your account and view statements for the last 18 months.

If, for example, you are an ICICI credit card holder, you can access your statement too. ICICI Bank enables its users to view their credit card statements online easily via three options:

• Accessing ICICI Bank Online -The credit card statement facility provided by ICICI Bank is only for informational purposes, so you will not be able to transact or do any kid of bill payment with this facility.

• Accessing ICICI Internet Banking - If you intend to view your credit card statement and make any transactions, simply access your ICICI Credit Card online through Internet Banking.

• You can also request for your credit card statement to be emailed to you. In order to place this request, you need to click on the ICICI Bank Credit Card Statement E-mail Request Service online, and provide the required credentials. This option lets you your credit card statement only for the last 6 months through e-mail.

• You can also call ICICI Bank customer care for help with your credit card statement and other credit card queries.

Each bank will have its own procedure for viewing the credit card statement online. Viewing your statement online is convenient, fast and secure. Instead of waiting in long queues to place your request, you can now request for and view your statement in a matter of minutes from the convenience of your own home. Once you discover the ease of viewing credit card statements online, you will leave behind traditional methods and never look back!