Paytm HDFC credit card

Paytm HDFC Credit Card offers unlimited cashback every time. Let us look at the features, fees and charges, and activation steps.

Features of Paytm HDFC Credit Card

Cashback Benefits

  1. 3% cashback on all purchases made via Paytm. Includes malls, movies, and mini apps.
  2. 2% cashback on all other select Paytm spends.
  3. 1% cashback on all other Retail Spends.
  4. Cashback is not applicable on fuel spends, EMI spends, and wallet loads.
  5. No cashback is given on rental and government spending.
  6. Maximum accrual on grocery spending is capped at 1000 cash points per month.
  7. Maximum redemption on travel reward points is capped at 50,000 points per month.
  8. Overall cashback redemption is capped at 3000 points per month.
  9. Interest-free credit period is up to 50 days.

Additional Features of Paytm HDFC Credit Card

Additional Features of Paytm HDFC Credit Card

Add-on credit cards

Avail up to 4 complimentary add-on credit cards

Utility bill payments

Registering your credit card with SmartPay ensures smooth payment of your bills

Zero cost liability

Upon reporting immediately, there is zero cost liability for any fraudulent transactions

Fuel surcharge waiver

1% fuel surcharge waiver, enjoy a maximum waiver of Rs. 250 on a minimum transaction value of Rs. 400

Welcome benefit

Enjoy exclusive benefits from Paytm first membership, which includes premium brands

Milestone benefit

Avail 1% cashback on spending Rs. 10,000 every month (non-EMI and non-rental spends)

Spend-based fee waiver

Monthly fee waiver on retails spends of Rs. 5,000 (non-EMI and non-rental spends)

Contactless payment

Fast, convenient, secure, and contactless payments

Dining benefit

Enjoy 20% discount on partner restaurants via Dineout

Fees and Charges of Paytm HDFC Credit Card

  1. Monthly membership fee of Rs.49+ GST
  2. Monthly fee waiver on retail spends of minimum Rs. 5,000 (non-EMI spends)

Activation Steps

It is essential that the credit card is activated within 37 days from the card opening date. If not activated within 37 days, the credit card will have to be closed as per the Master Direction Guidelines.

Below are the ways the Paytm HDFC Credit Card can be activated

Setting the Credit card PIN

  1. Through IVR – Cardholders can set their 4-digit Credit Card PIN by calling IVR No. 1860 266 0333. Once you call the IVR, you will be prompted to input your card number, validate it through OTP, and set your preferred PIN.
  2. Through Net Banking – Login to HDFC’s Net Banking and click on “Cards”. Choose “Change PIN” and set your preferred PIN (available only for customers having one of the savings/salaries/current accounts).
  • Enabling your contactless, online, and international transactions

Through MyCards – Visit and log in through OTP. Then, link your credit card. Please click on the "Card Control" tab to enable Online, Contactless, and/or international transactions

Through WhatsApp Banking – Please save the number 7070022222 as HDFC’s WhatsApp number and send a message "Manage My Credit Card" to enable it. 

Through Eva – To interact with Eva, go to HDFC official website. Find “Ask EVA” in the bottom right corner. Choose your preferred transactions to enable.

Through Credit card usage

You can activate your Paytm HDFC credit card by using it for at least 1 online or POS transaction.

SmartPay Registration

Via SmartPay, you can give standing instructions on your credit card.


Paytm HDFC credit card has multiple cashbacks and additional benefits. It is easy to activate and use the card. Any queries/questions/feedback can be shared via different communication channels. Overall, a great card for people who like shopping online and through cards.


FAQ of Paytm HDFC Credit Card

1:What is Paytm HDFC Bank Business Credit Card?

Paytm HDFC Bank Business Credit Card is a credit card exclusive to Paytm customers. Paytm customers can get this card by applying for the card on the Paytm app. This card is offered by Paytm and HDFC bank in partnership.

2:What are the key features of Paytm HDFC Bank Business Credit Card?

  • 3% Cashback on Paytm Mall and monthly bill payments through standing instruction on Paytm App.
  • 1% Cashback on all other spends (except EMI spends).

3:What are the activation benefits of the Paytm HDFC Bank Business Credit Card?

The cardholder will be eligible for Rs.250 worth of Gift Vouchers upon card activation with a minimum of 6 transactions in the first 90 days.

4:What is Cash advance fee reversal?

The cardholder will get a cash advance fee reversal for the first cash withdrawal transaction in a calendar month. It is capped at Rs.500 and cashback will be posted without GST.

5:What is the Annual Membership fee for Paytm HDFC Bank Business Credit Card? 

For Paytm HDFC Bank Business Credit Card, a cardholder is charged an annual fee of Rs.500 (plus applicable taxes)

6:How does a cardholder generate a PIN for Paytm HDFC Bank Business Credit Card?

A cardholder needs to generate the PIN to activate Paytm HDFC Bank Business Credit Card. It can be activated in the following ways

  • Through IVR - Call 1860 266 0333
  • Through Net Banking
  • Through Mobile Banking App
  • Through an ATM

7:What documents does a cardholder need to submit to the agent for Paytm HDFC Bank Business Credit Card?

The following documents are to be submitted for Paytm HDFC bank business credit card

  • Business Credit Card
  • ID proof copy
  • Address proof copy
  • Passport-size photograph

8:How does a cardholder get Paytm HDFC Bank Business Credit Card monthly statement?

Once the bill is generated, the credit card monthly statement is sent to the cardholder’s registered email address. A cardholder can also view and download the bill by logging into the HDFC Bank website

9:How does a cardholder activate Paytm HDFC Bank Business Credit Card for online, contactless, and/or international transactions?

Paytm HDFC Bank Business Credit Card will be disabled for online, contactless, and/or international transactions initially to protect against fraud. A cardholder can enable the card through the HDFC website.

For further details on card activation, please visit the HDFC Bank website or refer to the leaflets in the welcome kit.