SBI YONO stands for You Only Need One. This is a digital banking app launched by the State Bank of India (SBI) to be a one-stop solution for banking, lifestyle, insurance, investment, and shopping needs. Various actions can be done through this app including applying for loans, opening a savings account instantly or even shopping online.

SBI YONO provides the largest range of products and services on the move. This app is designed for a unified and seamless experience. 

Steps to Download SBI YONO App

Follow the steps given below to download and use this app on your smartphone.

  • Download this app from Google Play and install it on your smartphone.

  • Once you open this app you will find three different tabs.

    • Explore Financial Products

    • Browse Shopping Deals

    • Open a New Digital Account

For a New Customer:

  • If you are a New Customer of SBI you can click on Open a New Digital Account tab. It allows you to open a digital account on the move. You need a PAN card and Aadhaar Card for this.

  • Once your account is open you can experience various shopping deals. You can also purchase various financial products like a credit card, Insurance and other investment products.

For Existing Customers:

  • If you are an existing customer of SBI you can use your internet banking credentials for first-time login and registration on YONO

  • If you do not have internet banking credentials, you can generate a temporary internet banking password using your debit card.

  • Once you log in you can explore all the shopping deals and other products on YONO.

Key Features and Benefits of SBI YONO App

  • Instant Account Opening

  • Complete paperless transactions

  • Unified App for Lifestyle Expense and Banking

  • Fund transfer via UPI

  • Smart spending – spend analysis

  • Pre-Approved personal loan on the move

  • An instant account opening from anywhere

  • You can get exclusive discount offers and special deals on the move

  • Purchase all financial products from a single app

  • Transfer funds in just four clicks.

  • Get overdraft facility against fixed deposit

  • Benefit from intelligent spend analyser

Steps to Withdraw Money from SBI ATM Using YONO App

  1. Go to the nearest ATM or YONO Cashpoint.

  2. Log in to the YONO App using the PIN.

  3. Go to the YONO Pay option.

  4. Select YONO Cash.

  5. Raise a request for cash withdrawal.

  6. You will receive a 6-digit verification number, valid for 30 minutes.

  7. At the ATM or cash point, choose ‘Cashless Withdrawal’.

  8. Use the verification number you got through the app as your PIN. You will also have to enter your YONO app PIN.

Steps to Send Money Using YONO App

  1. Log in to the SBI YONO app

  2. Go to the home screen and click on the ‘Fund Transfer’ option

  3. Select a beneficiary, enter details and transaction amount

  4. Authenticate the transaction using MPIN

Steps to Link SBI Credit Card to YONO App

  1. Log in to the SBI YONO app and go to the credit card section

  2. Proceed to click on ‘Link SBI Credit Card’

  3. Key in username and password and click ‘Send OTP’

  4. Enter OTP. You have now successfully linked your SBI credit card with SBI YONO

End Note

SBI, the country’s largest bank has made it possible for all account holders to withdraw cash from ATMs without the use of a debit card. This can be done through SBI YONO app. YONO SBI can also be used to do banking activities, investing, buying insurance, paying bills or booking IRCTC tickets and getting loans or even do some shopping. In one single app, you can manage all your money related transactions and anything to do with your finances.


  1. Can I apply for an SBI card on the app? 

Yes, it is possible to apply for a card on the app. To do so, log into the app and go to the ‘SBI Credit Card’ page. Go to the ‘Browse Cards’ option to choose which card you want to apply for.

  1. Can I pay my credit card bill using SBI YONO?

Yes. This can be done by going to the ‘My Credit Cards’ section.

  1. Can I delink the cards that I have linked in the app?

Yes. This can be done using the ‘Delink SBI Credit Card’ option. It is possible to link the same card back again at any point of time using the app.

  1. Will I earn reward points on the card? How will it be calculated?

You will earn reward points and how these reward points are calculated will depend on the type of card you hold and the number of transactions made on that particular card.

  1. What are the limitations of SBI YONO App?

Some of the limitations of the YONO app include:

  • Integration with Social Login/Media is missing.

  • The app is slow and takes time to load.

  • Back button/function is missing and it always asks to exit from the app.