Employee engagement events are dime a dozen!

Most companies involve their employees in per functionary engagements which they hope would serve as a stress buster and as an ice breaker. It would be marked in the calendar as just another event.

But ours was not just any event, this was CreditMantri' s Know Your Colleague or KYC as we would like to call it!

KYC was not just a one-day event, team captains and a list of activities were selected long before and the entire office was abuzz with teams deciding and practicing for the big day.
Split into 10 teams each team brought out the best in them not shying away saying they did not have time so we cannot do anything or say we were busy and couldn't participate. Everyone chipped in with impromptu acts to propel their team further.

Coming in the colors of Credit Mantri (green and black) there was laughter, dance, singing and awards (our own Big Boss awards) that everyone took sportively. Friends making fun at the contestants made it look more like a collegiate affair rather than a company event.  Team Smartinies was adjudged the best across all events, but, every participant felt like a winner!
The evening ended with the all-important Coach of the Month series which recognized the immense contribution made by the employees, here is what one of them had to say!

'It was a great event where I enjoyed myself and had an opportunity to showcase my poetic skills which I have not had the opportunity to bring out in the last 7 years. My friends discouraged me from joining a start-up. Unperturbed, I chose Credit Mantri and haven't looked back a day, it has offered me a platform to challenge myself and climb up the ladder of my career. I love the work culture and freedom in Credit Mantri. This event is a testament to that culture' said Dinesh Kumar AP - Digital Marketing Manager

'As the name of the event suggests, the purpose of organizing KYC was to create an inter-department interaction among the employees which is a part of our work culture. Hence, we made sure that members of every department were well-mixed up in the 10 teams. Overall, the event was enjoyable and some unexpected stellar performances that surprised everyone. There would more such events to look forward to', remarked Naren – Senior Manager HR

We signed off on an upbeat note and do look forward to KYC the next time around!

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