Of SEO and CreditMantri

How many of us know what the SEO team does in a company? For that matter, how many of us even know what SEO stands for?! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the hottest areas of work at any company that wants to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to their website.

Role of the SEO team at Credit Mantri

The SEO team can be a critical part of marketing strategy for any company, but is especially important for a web-based company like CreditMantri.  Millions of people have the internet literally at their fingertips today, thanks to the ubiquitous smartphone, and these consumers have hundreds of millions of websites to choose to visit. How does the SEO team ensure that they choose to visit our site?! And having visited, the SEO team also ensures that the customer has a productive, user-friendly, and satisfying experience that will drive conversion.

3 million views so far

In the past two years, the CreditMantri website has reached some pretty impressive milestones – over 3 million views per month is noteworthy for a young start-up! Behind those numbers lie a relentless customer focus that ensures that all our visitors’ search demands are efficiently fulfilled. The team is kept busy with

  –  determining the most popular keywords and terms typed in by users on search engines, generally Google, Bing and Yahoo

  –  continuously creating and refining website content so that it is relevant to users’ search requirements  

SEO and you

So how does the SEO team enhance your experience at the CreditMantri website? Here’s what they do behind the scene (and screen!)

  –  If you are looking to understand a finance or credit-related term, there are more than 2 lakh content pages from where you can be directed to the most pertinent material, without wasting your time hunting for relevant material. Some of the common search terms include Home Loan, Personal Loan, Gold Loan, Loan Against Property, Credit Card, IFSC Code, credit Score Advice, Equifax, Credit Card Customer Care Number, Fixed Deposit Rate, Savings Account, Recurring Deposit Rates, Gold Rate Today, Silver Rate Today, Tools—Income Tax Calculator, Home Loan EMI Calculator, Personal Loan EMI Calculator, and Currency Converter.

  –  Or if you are searching for a specific product – like a Free Credit Score - you will be quickly and seamlessly taken to the most appropriate service page.

  –  If you are accessing the website from your smartphone (like 60% of our users), the SEO team focuses on providing you with an efficient, mobile-friendly user experience

So go ahead and Search. The SEO team will ensure that you find reliable and relevant content - quickly and easily - on the CreditMantri site!

We leave you with some keyword statistics researched by our SEO team that offer a glimpse of search volumes in India compared to the world.

KeywordGlobal Search VolumeIndia Search Volume
General finance-related 5 billion 1.5 Billion
Specific bank-related 3 billion 1 Billion
Credit Score 1.3 billion 8 million
Home Loans 2 million 1.5 million
Personal Loans 1.3 million 0.8 million
Credit Card 8 million 3 million
Insurance 1 billion 4 million


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