If any fraud is identified in the case of credit cards, the amount that was used fraudulently would be credited back to your account. But in the case of debit cards, if your card was stolen, you would have to report it to your bank immediately. As long as you alert the bank before someone uses the debit card, then you’re safe from a bad situation.

Debit cards are financially safer than credit cards while withdrawing cash. You won’t have to pay cash advance fees. Meanwhile, for credit cards, a fee of 3% to 5% of the amount you withdraw will be added to the balance, and interest will start to accumulate.

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Why is it best to use a credit card?

When you’re on the move, you might need more money than the limited money that your debit card provides you. It’s better to have a credit card just in case you need to use more money.

  • If your credit card is stolen, your full savings account will be restored to you as soon as you report the theft.
  • For online shopping, it is better to use a credit card, because if you’re prone to an attack by hackers and you’re using your debit card, all your money in your account would be at risk. You would have to wait for a long time for reimbursement.
  • For expensive purchases, using a credit card might be better as cash in your savings account might run out fast.
  • If you are looking for added benefits, you get loads of them while using a credit card. Reward points that are provided by credit cards can be redeemed for various merchandise.

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