Your phone number is an important detail that has to be up-to-date on your bank records. Because, you receive all your alerts and OTPs on your mobile phone and if you don’t have the correct one on the records, there are chances for fraud or misuse of your credit card. 

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It is very easy to update your latest phone number on your HDFC Bank Credit Card. You can change your HDFC Bank credit card phone number by either submitting a filled-up form asking for the change of your mobile number or you can change your number via net banking.

i. Change Mobile number by submitting the application at Branch:

  1. You can visit your nearest branch of HDFC Bank and fill in a request form to change your registered mobile number.
  2. Once the bank receives your request, it will verify all your credentials and other information to initiate the process.
  3. This process usually takes 5 to 7 working days and your new mobile number will be updated on your bank records. 

ii. By visiting an HDFC Bank ATM Kiosk:

  1. Visit the nearest HDFC Bank ATM Kiosk and insert your credit card.
  2. Select the language that you would like to continue with; in this case, select ‘English’.
  3. Now click on the option ‘Main Menu’.
  4. This will direct you to the next screen which will display some more service options. From these options click on ‘More Options.
  5. Now select the option that says ‘Update Registered Mobile No’.
  6. Enter the new mobile number that you wish to update, then click on ‘Confirm’. You will be asked to re-enter the mobile number and again click on ‘Confirm’.
  7. Enter your PIN and your request will be processed immediately. Please note that it will take 24 hours to 48 hours for the new number to get updated on your account.

iii. Through your HDFC Bank NetBanking:

  1. Visit the official website of HDFC Bank and login to HDFC Bank Net Banking Page
  2. Click on Update Email ID and Phone Number
  3. Edit the number you want to change
  4. Confirm the number by typing it once again. The number has been updated on your account.