State Bank of India (SBI) accepts applications for availing the Moratorium facility for up to 6 months starting from March 2020 till August 2020 as per RBI regulations. You can fill up the form and submit it at a nearby SBI branch or you can contact the customer care department to avail this EMI deferment facility. You must remember that opting for moratorium will come with additional cost in the form of interest charges. Henceforth, avail this facility only if deemed necessary. 

SBI does not provide a Moratorium EMI calculator on its website. However, you can calculate the impact of opting for the moratorium through calculators provided by other websites. 

The Moratorium EMI calculator will have the following components.

  • Loan Amount

  • Tenure

  • Interest rate

  • Pending EMIs

  • Moratorium period

You can select the moratorium period for up to 6 months and calculate the impact on your repayment. You also have the option of changing your EMI amount or changing your tenure. If you want to pay the same EMI amount, it will increase the tenure and if you like to keep the tenure same, it will increase the EMI amount.