You should use the amount on your Axis bank credit card according to the ideal credit utilization ratio.  The credit utilization ratio is known as the amount of credit utilized for a certain billing period of the credit card. The maximum ideal utilization ratio for any card holder should be 30%. In simple words, it is how much you owe divided by the credit limit. A low credit utilization ratio shows that you are managing your finances well and you are following a good budget.

Learning with the help of an example. If we suppose that you are Mr. X and a credit card holder. You have a credit limit of Rs. 1 lakh and salary of Rs. 1.5 lakhs. If you spend Rs. 95,000 using your credit card, your credit utilization ratio is 95% and you are left with Rs. 55,000 for any other expenses that will be incurred during the month.

This is a classic example of overutilization of the credit limit. Your credit card issuer will not be in favor of you utilizing the credit limit as this shows that you are not following your budgets and not planning your finances.

Axis Bank also provides certain rewards to card holders who are spending within limits and managing the finances well. 

You can thus use the limit given by your credit card issuer. This might be in case of any emergency or any unforeseen event. But, generally it is advised to keep the utilization rate to be a maximum of 30%.

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