Yes, you can pay your credit card bill through the respective bank’s ATM. 

Though online payment is popular these days, many people who are not well versed with online banking, or senior citizens who don’t use much digital banking, prefer to make payment through other modes. 

Other modes available to pay your credit card bill are cheque/DD, at the bank branch, or at the bank’s ATMs. 

Points to remember while making a credit card payment at an ATM: 

  1. Paying at an ATM is very easy and quick.
  2. You will need the bank’s debit card to make the payment. Payment shall be initiated from your debit card.
  3. You can pay the credit card bill from the debit card account with the same bank. You cannot use the debit card of a different bank to pay the credit card bill of another bank. 
  4. You can pay the credit card bill of a bank at their bank ATM only. 

Here is a simple step-by-step guide on making a credit card payment at an ATM; these steps may slightly differ from bank to bank, but the overall idea and steps are mostly similar: 

  1. Insert your debit card into the ATM machine
  2. Choose ‘Banking’ as the transaction option
  3. Choose ‘Bill Payments’, and then go to ‘Credit Card Bill Payments’
  4. The screen may display your linked credit card details; if not, enter the 16-digit credit card number
  5. Then enter the amount you wish to pay and submit.
  6. You may be required to re-enter your PIN number to authenticate the transaction. 
  7. Once authenticated, the amount is debited from your bank account and credited against your credit card bill. 

This is how simple it is to pay your credit card bill at an ATM. 

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