Yes, you can now pay off your credit card bills through respective bank’s ATM kiosk.
Though many banks are making this option to repay your
credit card bills more popular, you are allowed to visit a bank ATM to make the payments with their own card. In simple words, you will have to go to a SBI Bank ATM kiosk if you are paying SBI Bank Credit card bill, unlike ATM cash withdrawals where you can withdraw cash from any bank’s ATM.
Steps to pay Credit Card Bills through ATM – (Here is an example as per the screen options displayed at HDFC Bank ATM kiosk. It may differ from one bank to another, while the basic procedure remains the same) 

  • To make the credit card bill payment, walk into a HDFC Bank ATM and insert your HDFC Bank debit card and enter the PIN
  • Choose your preferred language
  • Then select ‘Services’ from the menu
  • Choose ‘Bill Payment > Credit Card bill payment’
  • Enter your HDFC Bank credit card details – 16-digit card number
  • You will now be able to view a total outstanding due and minimum due on the card displayed on your ATM screen
  • Select the payment you wish to make and then click on confirm
  • Your HDFC Bank account linked to your debit card will automatically get debited with the amount